Dick In A Box: Xmas Gifts That Will Help You Hook Up


As you know, hooking up is a hell of a lot easier around the holiday season. If you haven’t noticed that just yet, then you’re not doing it right. At any rate, I wanted to share some insight that might help you get laid quicker than usual over Christmas. Yes, you’re going to need a dick in a box, so be ready!

Just kidding! But seriously, if you want to hook up you need to provide girls with some gifts, especially during the holiday season. I can’t stress just how important this truly is and what getting gifts for girls does for me. I’ll be sharing a few things with you today.

dick in a box christmas hookup tips

1) What I do to get a girl to want to see me during the holiday season.

2) What I typically get them to entice them to wanna bang.

3) How I seal the deal.

Here is literally EVERYTHING that you need to know.

I thought it only made sense for me to showcase the official Dick In A Box video in this blog post too. It’s pure genius!

My Secret To Hooking Up During Christmas Time

The first thing that I do if I want to hook up with someone during Christmas time is I reach for my trusty dating app. It’s very important that you’re using one that connects you with like-minded people looking for sex. If you’re using one of those Match.com apps, then you’re out of luck. Assuming you’re unsure what to use, here’s what you need to try.

Now that we’ve got that cleared up, you’ll want to start connecting with these fine ladies asap via instant message. When you do, don’t be afraid to let them know that you want to meet up for a night out to celebrate the Christmas holiday.

Here’s the kicker, be sure to let them know that you’re extremely interested in giving them something special this holiday season. Warm the girls up to a nice dinner, drinks and a special something.

They’ll love that, trust me!

Once you’ve planned out your Christmas date night, you’ll want to dress the part looking sharp as a tack. Buy the girl something nice that’s not too expensive but nice enough to want her to bang you. Be sure to give her the gift after you both have a nice dinner and drinks.

Once that’s over, you either ask her if she wants to get a room at the local hotel or you take her back to your place.

By that time, you’ll be well on your way to getting laid and that dick in a box is going to be coming out to play really soon!

Did I mention how important it is that you wear protection? It’s really important that you not bang random girls without a condom. There’s not telling what you’ll get this holiday season if you forget to put that jimmy on! Better safe than sorry is what I alway say!

Merry Christmas ya filthy animal!