How To Get Laid In The Next 24 Hours


I’m sure that you’ve had the urge in the last ten minutes to want to get laid. If you’re a typical guy then you’ve likely desired or thought about sticking your dick in something to make yourself cum. You’re not alone my friend. In fact, there are plenty of men out there just like you and me that are thinking the same exact thing. If you’ve been in dire straits, then chances are you have been sending sext messages and other random texts to the dirty girls on your cell phone. You are likely just hoping they didn’t change their number so you don’t get reported, LOL. Fuck all that noise. I’m going to give you the exact formula to help you get laid in the next 24 hours or less.

How To Get Laid In 24 Hours

Exact Steps To Take If You Want To Get Laid Today

I’ve got a simple “get laid” tactical plan that takes less than one hour to complete. The steps are pretty simple and I really recommend that everyone that wants to hook up try it out. It isn’t complex or anything that requires a master’s degree or even a college education. It’s fucking simple. Just follow these steps.

Step #1: Join A Dating Website

The very first step to all of this is for you to join a dating website. Get off your ass and join any casual dating site that your heart desires. If you haven’t joined any as of yet, I suggest you join this one.

Once you join, log into the site. Do not wait, log in right now before you keep reading. You’re going to need to reference the site as you read this. Once you have successfully joined a site, move on to the next step.

Step #2: Chat With A Local Person

Now that you are a member of the dating site of your choice, it’s time for you to chat with someone in your same zip code. Connect with a few users of the website and begin chatting with them. Feel free to search for someone that have the characteristics of someone you have the desire to meet.

You are going to want to utilize the messaging functions on site. These are functions that you can use on the website when logged in. Ask any girls that you connect with if they’d like to meet up with you either tonight or in the next 24 hours.

Step #3: Meet-Up

If you want to get laid, you need to meet someone in person. By now, you have met a girl that you know wants to meet up with you. It’s now time for you to meet up with her.

Find a local spot to take your date and either pick her up or plan on meeting there. Be sure to not dress like a complete slob. However, you don’t want to make it seem like you are trying too much.

Step 4: Make Her Feel Sexy

The key to getting someone to want to sleep with you is making them feel as sexy as possible. You need to find a way to make her feel attractive and sexy. Whatever you do, be sure not to go too deep here and be overbearing.

All you need to do is proceed with confidence and honesty. Compliment the girl and let her know that you like certain things about her. Just don’t do it in a creepy manner. For example, do not compliment her on her tits or ass. Focus on the non-sexual areas.

Step 5: Connect and Kiss

You have one simple job at this point and it’s to connect and kiss her. I know, the thought of girls making out can sometimes be stressful in itself. Fear not, all you have to remember is this, the way to a woman’s pussy is by spiritually connecting and physically kissing her. You may have to ask her for a kiss but don’t let that scare you at all. It’s quite common to have to ask a girl if you can kiss her. The key is to not be afraid and just be mature about it.

Step 6: Exit As A Couple

You should each leave the location of the date at the same time. This gives you the chance to extend your time together in a more private setting.

The guy should never leave before the girl. I have left prior to my date leaving and every single time I’ve done so I have not got laid. Always leave together if you want to hook up!

Step 7: Head To A Hotel

My personal suggestion is to head to a hotel for a nightcap. I like to head to a nice lobby bar for a strong vodka martini or even something else.

Basically anything but hard liquor. Make sure it’s a nice place that has a few rooms available for the night. Sure, you can always take a woman to your house if you dare but I prefer the hotel instead.

Step 8: Time To Bang Her

Now that you’re both drinking and you are at the hotel. Ask if she’d like to head upstairs with you. If she goes then you’re in for a real treat. If she says no, then you might be out of luck. However, 95 percent of the time she’s going to say yes, especially if you are using a casual sex site.

Wrapping It Up

This is my very own personalized approach to how to get laid. It all starts with connecting with someone that wants to bang. Start here now and you won’t be sorry. If you take action, I promise that you will get laid today. It’s that easy! In fact, you might be able to get laid now if you play your cards right. No lie!

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