Five Really Amazing Dating Ideas That Lead To Sex


Dating is always exhilarating but at times you might run out of places to go to. I’ve got a few dating ideas that I can share with you today. If you haven’t had any luck with dating lately then read this article. If you are wondering what would work when it comes to dating and getting laid. These ideas are rather obscure but they just might work for you.

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Dating Ideas And Places To Go With Someone

Looking to go on a date? Here are five dating ideas for you to consider. You need to know what these are if you want to get laid more.


If you’re into physical fitness then a Crossfit date is actually a pretty good idea. It’s a great approach if you want to go on a few dates with someone. It’s not uncommon for someone to meet someone at the gym and later find themselves on a date with them. This is just a different approach to it all.


A lot of people don’t think of sports when it comes to dating but it’s true that you can take your date on a kayaking journey to enjoy some water sports. You will get a better taste of the type of person your date is. What’s better than having the two followed by a good workout?

Kayaking is on of my favorite activities because it is something that two people can do individually and they can thoroughly enjoy it while at the same time connect with each other and learn more about each other.

Board Games

Board games are another hit that you need to try when it comes to dating. You can play any board game that you like because they are all good for those with competitive spirits. Board games make you feel alive and bring out the best superior side of most.

Also, playing board games can allow you to become comfortable with each other in the same space, talk to each other better and have a good time.

There are plenty of choices available when it comes to board games so the choice is yours. I would suggest that You get to choose your options and therefore, be sure that the time you are having is one that you thoroughly enjoy.

Book Reading

It sounds very strange but book reading is not out of the question for a date. It’s another interesting activity and probably one that you hadn’t thought of. You can go for book reading anywhere you like. If you and your partner share the same interests of reading then why not! You can mutually decide which book you want to read, then do it together. You’ll each have plenty to talk about on your date.

Book reading can provide you with a great amount of enjoyment. It is fun, it’s interesting, informative, and it introduces some form of commonality to a potential date. Legit, I’ve been on a book reading date that ended with me fucking the girl. Pretty fucking insane to think that huh!

Go To A Cheap Hotel

Another great dating idea is to rent a cheap hotel room. You can do this in your own city or choose to go to a hotel in a new city, the choice is yours. Going to a cheap hotel can feel naughty and exciting at the same time. It’s fun, interesting and it is something you probably won’t get bored with. Trust me, I’ve met really dirty girls that I’ve met online via Instabang at cheap hotels. They love the thrill of it all.

Other places to go for a decent date or two are going to a different country (but that may not be an affordable option for many) or go get a palm reading or something. There are so many dating ideas that exist, your options are pretty much endless.