What To Wear At The Gym


I’m a huge advocate for working out on the regular. In fact, if you’re not hitting the weights and cardio a few times a week then you’re not top notch in my book. Now, if you go to the gym regularly, you know that some guys seem to know exactly what to wear. On the other hand, other guys are utterly clueless. They look like they’ve been working out in their basement since the 1980’s.

Sure, you don’t have to wear the latest style in gym attire to look attractive to women when you’re working out. However, if you want women to notice you or at least look good enough that they’re not turned off then keep reading. You must have a decent idea as to what not to wear. Here are some tips on what women want you to wear and what you should avoid wearing in the gym.

Full disclosure: I workout in a pretty upscale gym so in order to compete, I need to wear halfway decent gym attire. If not, I wouldn’t be scoring any women in my area.

What To Wear At The Gym To Impress Women

Not Like This Douchebag!

Tips on What To Wear At The Gym If You Want To Impress Girls

I’ll kick things off by going over exactly what you should not be wearing. If you can get past this, then that should be a solid start, to say the least!

What Not To Wear At The Gym…

Shoes – It’s understood that you shouldn’t wear boots, dress shoes, or sandals. No matter what gym shoes you wear; do not wear them loose with the tongue out or with long strings because they look bad and are potentially dangerous.

Socks – This one should be obvious. Don’t wear socks that are dirty, too long, or too loose. Knee socks are okay but they can look a little gaudy. It’s difficult to keep them over your calves during a workout and they bunch up around your ankles. Definitely, don’t wear dress socks. You’ll look like a total asshole if you do!

Shorts/Pants – Size is important when you are choosing the right bottoms to wear to the gym. Avoid wearing shorts that are too short, too long, or too loose. The worst thing you can wear is short shorts that are loose because you reveal things that women aren’t prepared to see.

Shirts – Do not wear a shirt that hugs your body, but don’t wear one that is over-sized either. Muscle shirts are okay, but I suggest a t-shirt with sleeves. Muscle shirts make some guys look like a macho jock or like they are trying to show off. Something that is never attractive at the gym.

Headphones – Let’s get something straight. No one wants to see your Beats by Dre studio headphones looking like you’re an air traffic controller while you work out.

Here’s What You Should Be Wearing…

Decent Kicks – You don’t have to wear anything fancy or stylish. Your gym shoes should be relatively clean, comfortable, in decent shape, fully laced, and snug without being tight.

Low Cut Socks – Ankle socks are the best and there are plenty sports socks that are not that expensive. Wear socks that are snug and, when they become loose or dirty, don’t wear them to the gym.

Dri-fit Shorts – Workout shorts are preferable because the fabric breathes and stretches when you exercise. They should come about half way down your thigh so they are not too short, but don’t go over your knees.

Dri-Fit Tees – T-shirts are good whether they are new or old. If you have a favorite t-shirt that looks and feels good on you, wear it until you can’t wear it anymore. Old t-shirts still look good as long as they are not dirty or have holes in them.

Headphones – Wear earbuds that are as small as possible. Don’t worry. Dr. Dre makes ear buds are fire and they work like a charm. Leave your Apple white cord headphones at home. They make running more difficult anyway.

That’s about it! If you can get past that, then you’ll have far more luck banging girls in the gym than most guys. Trust me and just take some action here for gosh sakes! Hit a yoga class while you’re at it too. I’m sure that’ll help up your chances as well.

Meet Girls At The Gym That Want To Bang


Meeting girls that want to bang isn’t hard at all. In fact, it’s pretty damn easy if you ask me. I do it almost every single day without skipping a beat. I also get laid on the reg and I do so using a couple of tools that work. My favorite dating site and a few good steps that take. I’ll be honest and say that the absolute best place to meet someone other than on the Internet is at the gym. Here’s the formula that will get your dick wet for years to come.

gym girls

Steps To Meet Girls At Your Gym To Fuck

Here are the steps that I take each time I want to meet someone local at my gym to have sex with. It’s a pretty simple process and you just need to be familiar with the necessary steps.

Know Your Surroundings

It’s absolutely important that you know your surroundings and understand what is around you. By that, I mean you need to take note of which girls at your gym want to meet someone or like to fuck in general. In order to determine that, I suggest that you survey the area with your eyes and that you also log onto Instabang to see which girls are part of the hookup network. Those that are members likely want to fuck more than others or they are easier. What you are doing is narrowing the numbers down to help you more.

Start To Mingle and Meet

The next step is to begin to mingle with girls at your gym. You’ll absolutely want to make sure that you do not spend even a second interrupting some hot girl during her set. It’s crucial that you wait until she’s done throwing the weights or bands around before you approach her. She’s get pissed off if you interrupt her workout mid-exercise.

Time For Some Action

Once you have mingled with a potential sex date then you need to take some further action. What I mean by that is that you ask if she’s looking for a workout partner or if you can help spot her or something. It’s absolutely crucial that you act confident but be polite as can be if you want to up your chance of getting laid. Just make sure you are making a connection with a girl that seems somewhat interested in you.

Ask Her Out Now

Don’t wait until another day to ask her out. Before she leaves you must ask her to meet you for a smoothie, dinner or drinks if you want any chance of having sex with her. I always ask girls out at the gym and I actually try to get them to have a shake or massage with me at the gym. This often leads to me fucking the girls at the gym even. Worst case, you spend time lining up a potential fuck date with some horny fitness girl. What the fuck is there to hate about that?

These are the exact steps that get me laid at the gym. Get your sweat on and follow my steps. You’ll eventually get some pussy.

How Yoga Improved My Online Dating Life


I recently started going to yoga classes to improve my flexibility, balance, and mindset. Little did I know what impact it would have on my dating life. It literally changed my life for the better and I’m going to tell you exactly what it did and why it did it. You won’t believe it until you read this.


Yoga Improved My Online Dating Here’s How…

Better Sex
Once I started taking yoga, I immediately started having better sex. In fact, I started having the best sex that I’ve ever had in my life. Part of the reason was because I’d spent so much time stretching that my body was just better. I was able to fuck like a champ. Not that I wasn’t a stud before but being more flexible made my sex life better.

Better Attitude
I don’t know if it was the yoga or not but ever since I started taking yoga classes I had a better attitude about everything in life. I was more positive and appreciated things more. Some people say that attitude is everything and I truly believe that now. That’s why I continue to go to yoga. If a girl dissed me or declined a date, I didn’t get mad. I was completely fine with her decision and moved on. Prior to taking yoga classes, that most likely would have never happened.

More Focus
Yoga helped me focus on what mattered most. Getting more girls to want to fuck me. I spent less time online but I focused more and approached things with a strong passion in order to be effective in the least amount of time as possible. That focus helped increase my success more than ever when it came to dating girls I met online.

Stronger Mindset
Yoga made me physically and mentally stronger. That stronger mindset really helped increase my positive mindset. Having a solid mindset is extremely important and being strong is a characteristic that many women look for. Most successful people have strong mindsets and those that want to get laid must have the same mindset.

Yoga changed my life and I can guarantee that it’s going to do the exact same thing to your online dating lifestyle. Get your ass into the yoga studio as fast as possible. As an added bonus, you might meet a couple of women that want to fuck you too. Since I’ve started going to yoga classes, I’ve fucked four women that I go to class with and I didn’t even have to send sext messages to them to entice them. They just wanted dick! If you don’t believe me, then I urge you to take action yourself to see what I’m talking about.