About Me and My Site

I’m Todd, 41, a serial dater who 7 years ago went through a nasty divorce.  I’ll be blunt – marriage is not for me.  I like women, and I like volume.

I started dating online for the first time at age 34 and I was hooked.  How easy is it to hook up online?

Well, let me tell you my story.

I used to be the “Happy Hour King”….literally, I’d be there every night.  I’d hit one of the five or six places in town and just wait for the business crowd to spill into the bar.

I had moderate success, but like anything, it got stale.

So I went to other cities, tried other bars.  But problem is, it’s a lot of time.  Even worse, after a few drinks, who needs to have drive?  Drinking and driving is NOT cool and not something I can risk.

So while I liked meeting people face to face, having a few cold ones, and occasionally hooking up, I needed a new lead generation tactic.

A recently divorced friend of mine turned me into online dating.  From the moment I joined, I was hooked.

I found more leads, more women, and way more eager people that I could approach via email or messenger, than I could ever imagine.

As I found the perfect things to say, the perfect sites, (like this one I talk about mainly) and the perfect strategy, I started meeting women.

Now, I have my happy hours free, because I’m not trolling bars and getting fatter.  I have online dating to thank for that.  It really works.  I’m living proof.

I’ll never go back to hounding people at bars.  Who needs the public humiliation of getting turned down or the cold shoulder?

Follow me as I take this journey, it’s an unforgettable one.