XDating.com Site Review: Everything I Know About Them!

As you know, I’ve been using the Instabang dating site for years and it’s proven to be the best thing I’ve ever done. However, I used many other sites prior to using IB. I hate leaving you in the dark about the other sites I’ve used so I’ve decided to start sharing some of my other experiences. That’s exactly why I’m here today writing about XDating.com. If you’ve not tried this site, then you’re in luck because it’s a huge waste of time and money. Let me break things down for you and provide a better idea as to what I’m talking about.

xdating.com scam

XDating Scam Exposed For Good

Rather than taking up hours of your time, I’ve condensed my review, showcasing only what’s necessary for you to know about XDating. The first thing that I can say about this site is it’s definitely not what it appears to be. There are certain features and functions of the site which many likely don’t notice. They join in hopes of successfully meeting someone to bang and simply end up wasting their money. Before I get into the specifics, here’s a rundown of everything that I learned about the XDating.com website in a nutshell.

  • Cost
  • Redirects
  • Cams
  • Bot Messaging
  • Staff Runs Profiles
  • Images Stolen
  • Hired Contractors

I’ll kick things off by hitting each of these ones by one starting with the cost to join…

Way To Expensive

Before you go whipping out your wallet, you need to know that joining XDating.com is going to cost you a minimum of $29.95 per month. In fact, it can cost your $89.95 if you choose the highest priced membership option on the site. While it might not sound like much money, I’m sure when you find out that they don’t guarantee you getting laid, you’re going to want your money back.

Redirects Inside

Another thing that I absolutely can’t stand about XDating is that once you get in the member’s area, they have redirects in place. For example, you’ll find text that reads “Meet & Fuck” right there in the member’s area. Once you click on the text it immediately sends you to another dating site. It’s like, what the hell did I join this dating site for if they’re telling me to join another one? It doesn’t make any sense and just proves they want more of your money.

Webcams Aren’t Free

Some people aren’t in-tune to the fact that you need to pay to play when it comes to web cam girls on this site. Not to mention, the girls that you find on the website are not locals, they’re professional cam models that get paid to chat with guys. If I wanted this type of experience, I would’ve simply joined a good cam site instead.

Auto Bot Messaging

The site sends messages to new registered users within minutes of joining. They have a computerized auto bot system that does this. There’s nothing worse that getting messages from fake users. It’s a complete waste of time and XDating even admits to doing this in their terms. What a bunch of hog wash!

Staff Profiles

To top things off, they have staff members on their payroll that run profiles. What this means is that people use these profiles to interact with members knowing that they will never actually meet them locally to hook up.

Images From Around The Web

You may begin to notice that some of the images of girls on the site look familiar. That’s because they’ve done a great job of possibly scraping up photos from around the Internet in order to create profiles for the site. If you want to verify this yourself, all you need to do is a reverse image search with one of the photos. Don’t take my word for it, do it yourself.

Hired Contract Workers

The kind of goes hand in hand with the staff profiles. Xdating.com has hired contract workers to run their site profiles and that’s nothing short of being a time waster for you. I cannot stand dating sites that do this. It’s totally unacceptable in my opinion.

do not join

Conclusion: XDating.com Is Pretty Awful

There are places to avoid during a date and there are also places to avoid meeting people for that date. As you can see my adventure with XDating didn’t turn out to be the awesome experience I had hoped for. In fact, I’ve I personally reached out to customer support asking for my money back because it sucked so bad. Granted, this was way before I joined Instabang. But I still feel obligated to share some of the other experiences I’ve had. So, now you know.