Meet Girls At The Gym That Want To Bang


Meeting girls that want to bang isn’t hard at all. In fact, it’s pretty damn easy if you ask me. I do it almost every single day without skipping a beat. I also get laid on the reg and I do so using a couple of tools that work. My favorite dating site and a few good steps that take. I’ll be honest and say that the absolute best place to meet someone other than on the Internet is at the gym. Here’s the formula that will get your dick wet for years to come.

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Steps To Meet Girls At Your Gym To Fuck

Here are the steps that I take each time I want to meet someone local at my gym to have sex with. It’s a pretty simple process and you just need to be familiar with the necessary steps.

Know Your Surroundings

It’s absolutely important that you know your surroundings and understand what is around you. By that, I mean you need to take note of which girls at your gym want to meet someone or like to fuck in general. In order to determine that, I suggest that you survey the area with your eyes and that you also log onto Instabang to see which girls are part of the hookup network. Those that are members likely want to fuck more than others or they are easier. What you are doing is narrowing the numbers down to help you more.

Start To Mingle and Meet

The next step is to begin to mingle with girls at your gym. You’ll absolutely want to make sure that you do not spend even a second interrupting some hot girl during her set. It’s crucial that you wait until she’s done throwing the weights or bands around before you approach her. She’s get pissed off if you interrupt her workout mid-exercise.

Time For Some Action

Once you have mingled with a potential sex date then you need to take some further action. What I mean by that is that you ask if she’s looking for a workout partner or if you can help spot her or something. It’s absolutely crucial that you act confident but be polite as can be if you want to up your chance of getting laid. Just make sure you are making a connection with a girl that seems somewhat interested in you.

Ask Her Out Now

Don’t wait until another day to ask her out. Before she leaves you must ask her to meet you for a smoothie, dinner or drinks if you want any chance of having sex with her. I always ask girls out at the gym and I actually try to get them to have a shake or massage with me at the gym. This often leads to me fucking the girls at the gym even. Worst case, you spend time lining up a potential fuck date with some horny fitness girl. What the fuck is there to hate about that?

These are the exact steps that get me laid at the gym. Get your sweat on and follow my steps. You’ll eventually get some pussy.


  1. Yeah good advice indeed – on how to collect STDs. What a shame that most girls nowadays dig guys like that – now it’s about LOOKS and MONEY only. Do you really need to go at the gym to find that, bro ? Just advertise that you are some horny guy that wants to fuck (don’t forget to mention your looks, after all girls will only fuck cute guys) you either are cute and poor, or ugly and rich, that’ll do, but you can’t be ugly and poor. Nope. In any case at my gym, the personal trainers are fucking all the female customers, it’s a known thing, I think somehow the girls are hornier than guys, but one thing they lack is intelligence and brains, sorry mate, I’m one of the 1% of all guys out there that will never fall for these type of girls, sadly, they represent the MAJORITY, which is why I am single and the only thing I fuck are real dolls. Worth my $8k-$10k investment, they feel REAL as the real thing, and they don’t disappoint, they don’t give you one of 25,000 possible STDs, and they don’t judge you. I’ve shot some of the biggest and most intense cumloads inside of these, who needs the ladies. I’m not gay by any means, I just am not into that. I’ve been going to the motherfuckin’ gym for the last motherfuckin’ 7 years and I have not spoken to a single girl neither has a single girl even said hello. That’s all girls want anyway, hookups, raves, guys, fucking, nothing else matters in their lives. Luckily some of us guys are actually decent, but girls don’t fall for that. And the few girls who do fall into this category are usually introverted, shy, isolated and/or ugly. P.S. Don’t assume that it is the skinny model type girls who are horny, some of the uglier ones or “bigger” ones can be horniest and deliver some of the best fucks, apparently, nope, the only thing that will be touching this dick is my trusty fuck partner doll, I do it 3-4 times a day with serious and intense loads each time, when I go at the gym I work the fuck out, that’s what gyms are for, I don’t need no chats, no friends, no hookups, and usually when I workout I couldn’t be bothered anyway, most girls go there not to work out, they go there to get picked up how pathetic – I see how they work out in this bitch, hardly any effort, I mean how the fuck can you make gains if you are lifting easy and doing fuck all, some people go at the gym for socializing and shit, while I go there to actually work out, as far as spotting the “wanna fuck” kinda girls, I can spot them (and smell them) from a mile, they usually scream “I wanna fuck” all over. they are everywhere. I even can over hear them whisper and brag about how they get fucked by their personal trainer. Oh yeah good for you ladies, you keep on doing that while I keep working out and building big ass muscles…….

      • Why would I want to pay a monthly fee and get the same results I was not getting with adult friendfinder dot com. I was paying the fee and not getting NO product. Like I said most men today are going MGTOW, only the rich and very good looking men (Holywood Class) are getting laid these day. I wonder if their is a medical procedure that a Dr can do to a man to make them NOT be attracted to women ?

    • You are 100 % correct, I am going to stick to porn and jacking off and a fleshlight does the same job, fuck women today.

  2. I am still confused as hell , I could read and understand Military technical manuals when I was in the service, Better than this ? Most girls at every gym I went to immediately think that any guy checking them out is creepy. Keep in mind if a women ever looks at a man the way a man looks at a women then it is not creepy. Women have ESP they have senses men don’t have they are mind readers. and pick up on non verbal communication in a heart beat. I 55 years old and have had sex maybe five times. And this generation of women even up into their 40’s are becoming more and more complex, I think radical feminism is to blame which is leading to men becoming MGTOW. I the next few years humans will not be reproducing.Hell it was easier for me to walk into combat with balls of steal than try and talk to even half way decent women today. You must have money, you must wear a man bun, and you must have a large penis to qualify today.

  3. Unfortunately, I have to disagree. The number one thing needed is confidence… I don’t have looks or money but have been with well over 100 women in about a 15 year period of my life. Even then, I only settled down because I got married. I don’t “settle for what’s available” either. She must be of a certain standard or I simply walk away. Afterwords, I have asked on multiple occasions why they slept with me even without the looks, I almost always got the same answer. They said it was my personality and confidence. Just don’t confuse confidence with arrogance. They are not even remotely the same and you must understand where that line is so you don’t cross it. The worst that can happen when you make your move is that she say no and you move on to the next. The minute you second guess yourself, you have already lost. Good luck on future endeavors.

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