Local Temptation Review: Fakes, Porn Stars, No Hook Ups

Are you the type that has temptations? I am and I’ve been investigating many of these sites that cater to the tempting folks like myself. One of the sites that I looked into was LocaTemptation.com. Don’t get your hopes up too soon though here. I’ve got some bad news to share with you about this one…

Local Temptation screenshot

Local Temptation: An Outright Scam (IMO)

People tend to think they have a good eye for scams, but the reality is, if you are desperate enough you are willing to believe anything. Dating site scams use this dynamic to defraud thousands of people every year. One of the worst offenders is Local Temptation, a site that is tied to a variety of other scam sites.

They often grab your email from other places and then bombard your inbox with offers for a free membership. Although it may seem like a legit dating site, the entire thing is a scam. They work hard to make it look like the real thing so that they can lure you into signing up for a membership, saddling you with recurring fees every month. However, once you know how to look, it’s obvious from the get-go that the entire site is a rip-off.

Fake Profiles Everywhere

This is a place that appears to be teeming with hot women who are ready to hook up. The whole idea behind the site is that this is just a hookup site and none of the girls want anything serious. But you have to think to yourself, why would all these hot girls be in one place?

It doesn’t make any sense.

Once you check out the terms and conditions it’s all laid out bare to you. They readily admit that they use fictitious profiles to generate activity on the site.

They just don’t mention that the entire site is filled with fake profiles! They have stolen the pictures from all over the internet. It is often not hard to reverse image search the pictures to discover these are just photos of amateur porn stars and cam girls that can easily be stolen on the internet. They do this so that they can con you as easily as possible. They want you to think that normal girls are here so that you spend all your time and money here.

Conclusion: Local Temptation is a Dangerous Site

You have to understand that even if you don’t put up any picture or set up a profile, there will be accounts saying how much they like you and want to hook up. You will get a variety of notifications stating that women have “liked” your content. How is any of that possible if you have a blank/incomplete account?

These messages are not even generated by real people.

There are also a variety of accounts that are being run by computer bots or by third-party contractors. If you check the terms and conditions, they admit to the fraud right up front. They will tell you that the notifications you get are generated by the staff to promote interaction on the site.

They will always say that there are some staff run accounts that are used to promote the site. They do this to cover themselves legally when they defraud you because you’re unaware of how these sites work. You should do everything you can to avoid this site and others that resemble these business practices.

What Works?

Looking for something that will actually help you hook up with a local person? No problem, give this site a try and see how things pan out for you. My guess is that you’re going to have plenty of success if you do. I’ve been using it for years and can vouch for it 100%. Let me know how you make out and I’ll tell you right now, it’s super comforting that no fake profiles exist here.