LocalMilf.com Review Reveals Everything That’s Wrong!

I’m here today to share what I know about a site called LocalMilf.com. I’ll kick things off by saying that you’d be a fool to think that all milf dating sites are legit. Unfortunately, they’re not and that holds true with this Local Milf website. After researching everything for a week or so, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just not worth your time or money. However, don’t take my word for it just yet. Instead, read my full review which covers all the details. If you’re in the TLDR group, then just use this to bang instead and don’ waste your time reading further.

homepage of localmilf.com

Reasons Why LocalMilf Isn’t A Good Dating Site

If you don’t know, the world of online dating site scams is a pretty diverse one, and one of scammers favorite tricks is to create niche sites so that they can attract a dedicated and extremely targeted audience.

They know if they have niche-related content on their site, they are more likely to get a consumer base that is desperate for this specific type of women. As a result, they are more likely to give up their credit card information.

Milfs Nearby? I Think Not.

As previously stated, Local MILF is one of these scummy sites. This can seem like a very attractive place to frequent, especially if these women are just your type.

They also play up the local factor and claim that all of these women are nearby and are ready to hook up immediately.

However, this is simply the first of many dirty tactics used by this site as a means to come after your money.

Same Look and Feel

The site looks and functions much like a typical dating site. The home page is modeled after more reputable sites and many of the features, like direct messaging and search, are also available.

The first red flag you’ll get is the curious price rates on the membership packages.


Their pricing is extremely confusing and automatically renews at about thirty dollars a month, regardless of which one you select.

Likewise, the site also doesn’t claim to be an actual dating service, but rather an entertainment service. This type of deceptive practice is backed up in the terms and conditions.

TOS – You Must Agree

Before you can go any further you are prompted to agree to the terms and conditions. This is how they get away with scamming you legally, by making you sign a document that says you acknowledge the business practices being used. Right in the terms, it states that you have to agree to the use of Fantasy Cuties on the site.

This is another way of them saying that there are fake profiles on the site that are either being run by employees or being run by computer bots. They pretend like these accounts only exist for promotion purposes, but the reality is the entire community is made up almost entirely of these accounts. This becomes clear the moment you sign up.

Fantasy Cutie Details

You will find that several of these Fantasy Cutie accounts have already messaged you and emailed you, and are claiming to be desperate to talk.

The moment you try to talk to any of these accounts, you are prompted to upgrade your account. This is how they get people. If you do end up talking to a real girl, she’s almost surely a paid employee whose intention is to keep you on the site as long as possible so they can bill you as often as they can.

Conclusion: LocalMilf.com Isn’t Worth It

This site may seem enticing because of the quality of women that appear to be on there, but these profiles are all stolen images from across the internet. A basic reverse image search will have you discover that all these pictures are stolen from public sites across the internet.

These are not actually real women who have put up their pictures. They are pics of amateur porn stars and escorts, who take seductive photos for a living, that have been stolen to help lure you into giving over your money. Don’t fall for this trick and stay far away from sites such as this.

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