LocalSexToday Review: No Sex With Locals, Just A Marketing Scam

Who’s in the mood for having local sex? If you tell me you’re not, then I know for a fact that you are lying. Everyone loves having sex with local people they meet. It’s a known fact, which is one of the reasons why LocalSexToday.com grabbed my attention so quickly. That said, it was a short-lived experience and one that slowly faded away for me. Having spent about two weeks using the Local Sex Today website, I now know the truth about this site and what you can expect should you decide to use it.

Yes, I’ve explained everything below in my official review…


LocalSexToday Review Exposes The Site (And My Personal Experiences)

Here’s the bread and butter or meat and potatoes of this whole thing. To cut to the chase, the LocalSexToday.com network isn’t good. It’s a scam and one that I strongly suggest you not utilize or join – EVER.

Is it easy to tell that it’s a scam? That’s the most common question I get asked today.

Truth be told it looks legit but it’s not.

Not every dating site scam is so obviously a rip-off from the moment you enter it. Some of these sites take great care to mimic the design, font, and features of legitimate websites. This is so that they can lure you into a false sense of security, which allows them to get access to your money.

Why They Exist?

Localsextoday.com is a dating website that merely exists to funnel you to a notorious scam site called boneamilf.com and another called localsexselfies.com. They claim to have a collection of hot women in your area who are ready to hook up.

However, what you will find striking is just the amount of gorgeous women that appear to be members. If you don’t know much about dating sites, you may think this is normal. This is far from the truth and really the first sign that this site is a scam.

Stolen Images (Maybe)

One of the most common tactics is simply to steal images all across the internet and then create fake profiles with them. A simple reverse image search will show that the majority, if not all, of the pictures you find on localsextoday.com, are from other places.

The same is true for all the sites that they send you to. Some of these girls are regular girls who have gotten their photos stolen from public social media pages, and many of the girls are actual porn stars or cam girls who work for other legitimate sites.

Site Functions Are Bad

They say they offer typical features like a search function and messaging. But the reality is, the moment you set up your account, you will be hit with a variety of messages from all types of girls. Your email inbox will be filled with messages from women saying you’re hot and they’re interested.

Empty Profile Saga Continues

The strange thing here is, this will happen regardless if you have set up anything at all in your profile. You can have a completely empty profile and no picture, and you will still receive these messages. This is because the messages are being sent out en masse by a computer program.

Everyone who signs up to the site gets these messages because it’s not from real people.  The moment you try to respond to the messages, you will be hit with a prompt to update to a paid membership. All these people care about is taking your money.

Paid Workers, Punching The Keys

In fact, the only real people on the site are paid employees from localsexytoday.com, who run these fictitious accounts as a means to keep you hooked onto the site. They have something called Ambassadors, which they claim are the popular members of the site.

The reality is there are no real people on the site, and the site admits as much in the terms and conditions. They concede that there are profiles that exist only for promotion and that some profiles are run by employees so that they can generate traffic on the site.

The only reason this language exists is so that you can’t sue these people after the fact when you realize the whole thing is a scam. They will claim you already agreed to the terms and conditions. For these reasons, you should stay far away from this fraudulent site.

Conclusion: LocalSexToday.com Is A Waste of Time, Doesn’t Work

The proof is in the pudding above. Do not waste your time with this website. It’s simply not worth it as the juice isn’t worth the squeeze here. In fact, I’m so confident that it doesn’t work that if you’re able to prove to me that you met someone on LocalSexToday.com and that you had sex with that person, then I’ll give you $20 on top of registering you for free for a site that works better. That’s how confident I am that you will not hook up using this website.