Fuckfinder365.com Review – A Total Scam? You Bet!

I’m all about finding people online to meet and bang. However, there are some sites that take advantage of poor souls such as you and I. One of the sites is called Fuckfinder365.com. If you’re not familiar with what a fuckfinder is exactly, it’s a website that’s meant to help you find people to fuck. However, this specific site has branded itself as such in order to take advantage of people. I’ll tell you exactly how they’re doing it today!

But first I want to tell you what works since this Fuckfinder365.com doesn’t. If you’ve never used the site that’s been reviewed on my homepage, then you’re missing out on perhaps the best dating experience known to man. I’ll leave that at that!

Now, this is where the fun begins. Time to rip this fuckfinder site to shreds for treating consumers like fools and idiots.

fuckfinder scam

FuckFinder 365 Review (Scam Revealed Below)

The most important thing that you need to understand about fuckfinder365.com is that it’s not a real dating site. Not even close to be quite honest. It’s one of these marketing scam sites that tries to convince you that you’re joining some insane dating netwok only to be redirected to an entirely different site.

What the fuck finder site does is present visitors with unique landing pages. These pages often showcase explicit behavior such as girls giving oral to a guy or even some crazy female cartoon having sex. They do this to entice the surfer to want to stick around long enough to grab their attention. They then notice that a short questionairre is listed on the site.

Consumers typically answer the questions thinking they’re getting somewhere, however, they’re not learning anything doing so. Instead, they’re immediately redirected to yet another dating site. Here’s another example of these types of landing pages.


The Kicker?

The dating site that fuckfinder365.com redirects to is none other than the Milfaholic.com website. If you’re not familiar with Milfaholic, it’s perhaps one of the biggest scam dating sites on the planet. The reason I say this is due to the fact that they incorporate fake profiles into their member’s area.

I cannot stand any sites that incorporate these types of profiles, especially sites that have bots sending messages. The issue here isn’t just the use of the fake profiles and the use of bots but more than anything it’s the fact that they confidently showcase all of this in their terms and conditions. When you join, you agree to these terms, plain and simple.

In other words, the Fuckfinder website is nothing but a marketing scam created to trick surfers looking to hook up with people. Assuming that you’ve gone ahead and fallen for the milfaholic.com scam as well, then I suggest you cancel your membership immediately. In the event that you cannot cancel, just call your bank or credit card company and ask them to help you out. Assuming that you’re sick and tired of falling for all these fake profile┬áscams and marketing tactics, then I’m going to suggest you read this and this too as they’re associated with the same type of scams.

That’s all I’m going to say about this scumbucket of a scam technique! Makes my stomach turn!