Review: It Redirects To A Bad Site, It’s A Huge Waste Of Money!

I hate a lot of dating sites, but this one might take the cake here! If you’ve never seen the website, then consider yourself lucky. It’s nothing special at all but it is a scam. I’ve shared all the details below and you’ll soon understand what I’m talking about. Whatever you do, definitely do not attempt to visit the website without reading this whole review. site review

My Review Tells The Whole Story! isn’t worth a single second of your time. That’s made very clear when you try to sign up and find out that it doesn’t even exist. Yes, there’s a page on the internet at the address, but it’s not a dating site. It’s not a hookup site, either. It’s nothing more than a feeder site for Affair Alert. I guess they know that lots of people have extramarital affairs and often signup for this site, so why the hell not push people there, I guess.

You’ll never be able to talk to anyone on Slip because there’s no one on it. Its sole purpose is to redirect you to a different scam site to try to separate you from your money and use it to line the owners’ pockets.

Profile For Free Scam

As soon as you click into it, you’re going to see that something’s wrong. It’s nothing more than a few lines of text on a black background. You’re told that you have to click to prove your age, and that’s when the scam kicks in. If you click it, you’re immediately brought to Affair Alert to create a profile. This is one of the biggest red flags that you’ll ever see. When a site needs to trick you into visiting it, you can rest assured that it has nothing at all to offer you.

The reason that they have to sink to this level is simple: Affair Alert is way too well known as a scam site for anyone to bother with it anymore. Most people have been trained to avoid it and they’re suffering for it. They need to set up places like this to fool people into creating a profile. If you do that, you’re going to see all of the same old scams play out right in front of your eyes. None of it is new and certainly not creative. They’re the tricks that people have grown accustomed to seeing from a mile away.

Fake Messages Immediately

If you make a free profile, you’re going to start getting messages right away. Naturally, you won’t be able to respond to any of them unless you upgrade your account to a paid one. Once you do that, they’re going to stop and you still won’t have anyone to talk to. All of the emails will be coming from fake profiles that the site itself makes. They want to make you believe that there are actual people to talk to and this is the best way for them to do it. Once you pay, you’re going to see just how alone you really are.

Conclusion: Is As Fake As It Gets

There’s no reason at all to spend any time on or on One leads to the other and then just tries to scam you. There’s nothing of value to be found here, no matter how hard you look. You’ll just end up wasting your time and your money. There are much better hookup sites (starting with this) for you to check out, that actually work and help to connect you to people that you’re looking for. This place, however, should be avoided. Keep yourself safe by pretending that it doesn’t even exist.