Writing The Perfect Dating Profile For Success


It’s no secret that dating profiles make or break your level of success online. I’ve spent years trying to optimize my dating profile in order to attract the hottest and horniest girls that want to bang nearby. It should come as no shocker that the things I’ve done have helped me get laid more than most. I’m willing and able to share everything that you need to know for Internet dating success. Too many people haven’t got a clue what they need to do in order to create the perfect dating profile online. The good news is that once you’ve had a chance to take action on each of the things I’m about to share, you’ll have the best-looking profile on the entire website.

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Tips For Writing The Best Dating Profile Ever

If you want to attract horny women, then you need to have a good dating profile. There’s no way around it, at all! I can honestly say that if you don’t take my advice, you’ll end up with just a dating profile that’s half ass and doesn’t get you laid. You don’t want that now do you? Absolutely not! Here are some of the most important things that I’ve learned about creating the best dating profile ever.

Adventure Pics

Chances are that you’ve already read my Instabang.com review and you’re only reading this blog post to better enhance your experience on iBang. Well, first thing you’ve got to do is start with some adventure pics. Add these crazy adventurous images to your profile if you want to attract more women. I’ve seen so many occasions where guys switch from a classic profile pic to an adventurous one and it literally becomes a game changer for them. You need to prove to a woman that you’re willing to be crazy and fun. You can’t seem like the typical boring limp dick douchebag on every other dating website.

Clever Tag Line

The best dating profiles have awesome tag lines. Don’t use anything too corny. You want to make it sound something like this, “Fun. Adventurous. Hung. City / Town. Let’s Do IT!” I’m pretty certain that a tagline like that is going to help you meet some girls looking to fuck. They’ll likely reach out to you versus you having to reach out to them. It’s quite common for horny girls to message guys that have something clever or funny to say.

All Business

You want to act like you’re all about a sexual transaction and nothing more. Do not try and tell any of the girls that they are so beautiful that you want to marry them. That’s not going to get you anywhere using Ingstabang. Women join dating sites for the purpose of hooking up with someone and that’s it. Don’t  make it about anything other than that.

No Cats / No Guys

Do not under any circumstances  post pics of you with cats or your guy friends. Doing so is the worst approach that you can take. I’ve never had any luck posting cat pictures or photos of me hanging around with my friends. It’s okay to crop a girl out of a photo and post that picture or one of you and a puppy but that’s it.

Well, those basic tips should help you create the best profile ever. It’s not rocket science and you do need to put forth some work but that’s not all that tough to do. Stay focused on fucking girls and you’ll be fine! Once you’ve made all the profile adjustments, read this post for some more tips!


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