XAttract.com Review: IMO, Nothing About This Site Is Legit.

If you’re coming back to my blog, then thanks for visiting again. If it’s your first time here, then I’ll give you an idea as to what I do and why you’re likely here. I test out dating networks to determine which are real and which are fake. Most of them totally suck, but some work halfway decently. Others are top dawgs which I use every day. One network that I don’t use is XAttract.com. It’s perhaps one of the worst dating networks that I’ve ever landed on.

Don’t worry, you will NEVER get scammed here from XAttract.com because I’m revealing everything that they do to scam you. So, that being said, so long as you don’t take any action, you’ll be just fine. Here’s my review…

XAttract screenshot

XAttract Gets Exposed (Details Below)

The most important thing that you can learn about xAttract is that it’s pretty much nothing but a collection of fake profiles created by the site. The reason that they exist is to send you messages to make it seem like real people are contacting you.

Trust me on this…they’re not.

When you get these messages, you’re not going to be able to respond to them at all. That’s where the scam lies. Unless you pay the money to upgrade your account, you’re never going to talk to anyone, or at least that’s how they want it to seem. Even if you do, you’re still not going to talk to real people.

Must Pay To Play…With Bots

They create a system where they can only win. They make it so you need to pay to respond. Then they send you messages to make it seem like you have something to respond to. When you make a profile here, you’re stepping into a world that’s slowly taking over the Internet.

There’s no telling just how many sites use this tactic, but the number is very high. This exact scam has been run for many years and it’s showing no signs of ever going anywhere. That’s why you always need to do your research.

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Do Your Homework, Please

The easiest thing to do is simply read reviews about any site that you’re interested in joining. There are more than enough places, like this one, that has your best interests at heart.

The more sites that get exposed as scams, the better off we’ll all be. It’s the only weapon that can be used against the people who run them.

The other thing you can do is check out the terms of service on any new site. If it wants to exist in a legal space, it has to tell you exactly what it’s doing and the majority of them do.

Pics Not Verified

Once the fake profiles are created, they’re given pictures from the Internet. Sometimes they come from stock photo companies, but more often than not, they come from porn sites. All it takes to find out is a reverse image search. This will tell you exactly where it came from.

The sheer number of gorgeous people should be a tip-off, but seeing where the images came from is the cold proof you need. It happens on hundreds of sites all over the Internet and you always have to pay attention.

Conclusion: XAttract Is Fake AF, Stay Away!

xAttract is just not worth the trouble that you can get into. If you start paying for your membership, it’s only going to be wasted money. You’ll never talk to a real person and you’ll certainly never meet up with anyone. The site has no intention of ever offering a service that’s going to be worth your while. It just wants to get you in, get your money, and that’s it.

There’s no point in even checking it out with a free membership. You’ll only be greeted by bots and their attempts to trick you into opening up your wallet. I’ve tried it, tested it and I can confirm that it’s 100% a waste of effort. If you want to have an NSA hookup, then join the original instabang site and you’ll get laid, for reals. Any other approach is “tire kicking” central.