What Does NSA Mean?


Hi everyone! Todd here and back on this beautiful day to help educate you on something important when it comes to dating. If you’re anything like me then you use dating sites on a regular basis in an attempt to get laid. If this applies to you, then there’s a good chance that you’ve come across a couple terms or acronyms that you might not be familiar with. One of those terms may, in fact, be the term NSA. I’m here to help you understand what that term means.

nsa dating definition

What Exactly Does NSA Mean?

Well, the acronym NSA is an abbreviated way of saying “no strings attached” and it’s quite commonly used on sites that I frequent for hooking up. The idea behind no strings attached or NSA is that you can connect with someone that does not have the intentions of having a long term or serious relationship. Having “strings attached” is basically like saying you’re dating and are looking for someone to become a girlfriend or boyfriend. That’s not what NSA dating is about, though. In fact, it’s the complete opposite of that! Strings attached can be an absolute nightmare and I’m not even going to get into all of that today here. Instead, I’ll remain focused on the main topic!

Is NSA Better or worse?

If I had to give my personal opinion on this, I’d without a doubt have to say that NSA is far better than anything else. Any other way to date simply means that you have other obligations and things that you have to take into consideration when hooking up with someone. It can get complicated doing it this way. That’s why I prefer to come right out and explain to people that I’m only looking for an NSA relationship or experience and I do so right on my dating profile. I believe that taking any other approach is a waste of time really.

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