Finding Real Dating Sites Like Instabang


If you look around the web, you’ll see that there are many dating sites and hook up apps that claim to be the best.  But how do you know which ones are legit, and which ones are completely bogus?

Thankfully, there are many sites like Instabang, that are FOR REAL.   Today I’ll show you how to find them.

Finding Sites Like Instabang Online

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So, the first thing you need to do is take the site name and go to  Then, enter the following string:

“Site Name + Reviews” or “Does ‘site name’ work?”

From there, you should find a plethora of people out there talking about the website in question.  Go through each of those reviews, and find the ones that have in depth, girthy content that you can dissect and read.  Take it all with a grain of salt. Read the good with the bad.  Make notes if you really want to.  Keep a log.  See how many sites give them good ratings, and see how many sites give them bad ratings.  There will be answers and things you find out in each review that may shock you, as well as some things that may please you.  Again, these are all things you need to take note of, jot down, and dissect.

I just did a search for “instabang reviews.”  Now, obviously, I know this site works because I use it every day and am a huge fan of this website.  I sing it’s praises all over this blog and am proud to represent it because it’s changed my sex and dating life for the better.

I found this result that echoes exactly what I say on this site:

Instabang Review

That’s one of the better write-ups I’ve seen. In fact, I tip my cap to The Nut Job because he really knows his stuff!

Other than that, you can go and type in stuff like “Site name + scam.”

You can also type in stuff like “site name + bbb rating.”  All of these will bring you results and opinions that you can use to formulate your own. Try to find trends here.  Do these sites always recommend you to the same sites?  If so, that’s probably a good thing.  There are many hook up apps that work, but there are those that also scam you and take your money and have fake robots or people launching messages at you all day long which will get you nowhere.  Let’s be honest, not all dating apps are equal!

So, with that said, I know there is a lot of homework to do when you sign up for a dating app, but if you do it well, you’ll avoid getting scammed and making a dumb purchase. If you play your cards right, you’ll have a slew of apps that work at a low monthly cost. I figure I’d rather pay $100 for fresh leads of women than go to bars and spend that in one night and possibly strike out.

What are your thoughts?  Was that helpful?

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