Creating the Best Bachelor Pad in 2022


I’m a firm believer that bachelor pads help you get laid and getting laid is what’s most important today! If you are an eligible bachelor, putting together the right bachelor pad can be an integral part of improving your social life and your sex life. Trust me, I’ve done it and it makes a difference. You will not only have a sanctuary where you can feel content and unwind, you will also have an impressive place to entertain your friends and especially the ladies. Here are the main things you should focus on to create the best bachelor pad in 2022.

Bachelor Pad Idea

Bachelor Pad Ideas For 2022 That’ll Get You Laid

There are a few things that I typically recommend if you’re a living bachelor using dating sites to bang girls. Every single one of those is listed below. Find out what they are and take some action to pimp out your home!

A Great Sound System (with music streaming capabilities)

An impressive sound system can be expensive, but modern technology has made it possible to have a variety of great tunes with quality sound without paying a lot of money.

The ideal would be a surround sound system with blue tooth speakers, a sub-woofer, and music streaming capabilities, but there are inexpensive speaker systems available that hook to your phone. It all depends on your budget.

A Great Home Theater (with video streaming)

This is more important to some people than others, but a good home theater is the best excuse to get a girl to your bachelor pad and immerse her insight and sound providing the ideal setting for hooking up.

Watching a new movie from a streaming service on a large HD TV with surround sound will excite her and give her a reason to cuddle up next to you. This is also something that doesn’t cost a lot to achieve in 2022.

Games (not video games)

A good bachelor pad accessory that helps when you have parties or have a few friends over is games. I’m not talking about video games. That is more for you and maybe a couple of your friends. I’m talking about board games or card games that will spice up a gathering or a game night.

Some modern games great for a bachelor pad are A Game of Thrones, Cards Against Humanity, Scene It?, Accentuate, Ticket to Ride, and Say Anything. Who knows, having over a couple of friends may even lead to a threesome at your place!

Artwork / Posters

Every bachelor pad needs something on the walls to make a good impression with a creative presentation. The artwork and posters you put in your bachelor pad should not be the same ones you had in your old bedroom or dorm room.

Your new wall décor should reflect your maturity and eye for art. Look for something that fits your tastes, but has a cool and hip look to it. If you aren’t confident in your taste in art, ask around or search for artwork that you like that doesn’t come off too “kiddish.” One of my favorite artists today is this guy called Alec Monopoly. His pieces are expensive as hell but they look money on the wall and they make a statement for sure!

A bar (or at least a great set of glasses)

The ultimate bachelor pad addition would be a nice little bar. You can find one at an antique store or a flea market. If you can’t afford or don’t have room for a bar; at least purchase a cool and creative set of glasses to serve drinks and maybe some fun, high-quality coasters to set the drinks on.

I typically don’t condone crushing drinks if you’re barhopping, but when at home, go for it. You would be surprised how much this simple addition will do for your bachelor pad and will make you look good to the ladies.

How Does Secret Admirer Work On Christian Mingle?


Although I discuss casual sex more than conservative dating, I like to cover all aspects for my readers. Having been requested to provide information on Christian Mingle, I felt it was important to share how a few features work on the site. I received three emails about the Secret Admirer feature recently and wanted to cover that here today. So, here’s what I know about Christian Mingle’s Secret Admirer.

christian mingle secret admirer feature

Everything You Need To Know About Secret Admirer On Christian Mingle (And More)

Anyone who’s spent any time on a dating site has come across Christian Mingle at some point. For some people, it’s just a curiosity. It’s a site that lets Christians find and date other Christians and that just seems a little out of place in the modern dating landscape.

That’s actually what makes it so valuable, though. In a world where most single people would sooner hook up with each other than enter into a relationship, this site works as a haven for like-minded people to find each other and seek out the long-term dating arrangements they need.

There Are Millions Of Users

Even if it seems like a niche site, the user data paints an entirely different picture. There are over 2.4 million monthly users and that number is only growing. People come from all over to sign up and seek out other Christians for serious dating.

More than the simple act of being a dating site with values, it has a lot of other reasons why people would flock to it. First off, it’s well-known within church groups. Any member of a religious community is going to take the word of their church group over anyone else.

When the matter of a faith-based dating option comes up, it’s always going to be Christian Mingle. On top of that, the site is just easy to use. It’s a no-frills approach to dating that doesn’t turn anyone off. All of the features are simple and easy to find.

You can sign up quickly and easily and be browsing before you even know it. It’s even highly rated among online dating experts. Even if you’re not finding out about it at church, you still have plenty of ways to come across it and love it.

It’s Easy To Afford

No dating site is going to get very far if they make it too costly to be a member. That’s another thing that makes Christian Mingle such an attractive site. You can sign up for free and browse the members all you want.

The only thing you can’t do with a free account is read and send messages. If you want to do that then you’ll have to sign up for the premium service. It’s still incredibly affordable, though. Six full months of membership will only cost you $24.99 on average per month. Three months costs $34.99 on average and one month will run you $44.99.

They clearly want you to be a part of the site for as long as possible and that’s why the longest option comes in as the most cost-effective. You just can’t find dating sites that let you use all of their features for one cost as low as this one.

It’s why so many Christians decide that this is the right site for them. You also have to remember that you’re only going to be a member for as long as you’re single. The better the site works, the less you pay in the long run.

Secret Admirer Reduces Your Risk

No matter how many different people you try to talk to, you’re always running the risk of rejection. That’s just the way that online dating works. You might end up feeling an attraction to someone who doesn’t feel the same way.

It’s a necessary evil when it comes to finding the right person. That’s where Secret Admirer comes in. This is a game within the site that drastically reduces your chances of being turned down. The way it works is very simple. You’re given a person and asked whether or not you want to be his or her secret admirer.

You can choose to respond with yes, no, or maybe. If you choose no, that’s it. That person will be taken away and you’ll be given someone else to decide on. If you click on yes or maybe, you have the chance to really connect with them.

If the person you choose also plays the game and gives you a yes then you’ll both be notified. It’s the perfect way to find out that you’re both mutually interested in each other and ready to see just how far things can go between you.

Success Stories And A Movie

If you still have to be convinced that Christian Mingle might just be the best dating site option for you on the internet, just take a look at all of the success stories you can find on the site. There are thousands of them and they’re all from real people just like you.

You’ll be able to see that everyone is in the same exact space that you happen to be in. They’re looking for their husbands or wives and they need someone that shares their same values. There’s also a movie about the site.

If you have the time to watch it, it will give you an even better idea of how the site works. It’s called “Christian Mingle” and it’s a short film about finding love on the site. It was released in 2014 and follows the story of Gwyneth Hayden as she searches for love.

You can watch her transformation from a faithless woman on her own into a true Christian with a churchgoing husband. No matter what you think about rom coms, this one will keep you laughing and loving all night long.

Try Christian Mingle Right Now

You don’t have to just wonder what the site would be like for you. You can sign up for it right now. Use the Secret Admirer game and find out just how many people on the site are interested in talking to you.

It’s a great way to break the ice and you never have to worry about sending out a message that gets lost in the shuffle. It’s a site that works for thousands of people and you can be one of them. Sign up and you’re never going to want to go back to your other dating sites ever again.

Looking for more dating advice – check here.

Why Down Dating Is A Ghost Town You Should Avoid


I’ve been getting a significant number of requests for covering the Down dating app. For that reason, I dove into the site, going as deep as possible to learn if people really use this. Can you really get laid using Down? If that’s what you are wondering, then this update is for you. Keep reading and find out the truth about this dating app.

down dating app review

Down Dating App Facts Revealed

There are plenty of dating apps on the market for everyone to have a whole app to themselves. It’s no surprise that these things all come in at different qualities. There are apps that work great and apps that barely function.

Pretty much anyone can make an app and get it up on the marketplace. With so many of them, you have to be ready to come across apps that just don’t have enough users on them. That’s what’s happening with Down Dating.

Although the theory behind the platform is sound, there just aren’t all that many people who are using it right now. It can feel like you’re the only person around when you sign up for it. That’s not exactly a good thing when you’re signing up for something just for the purpose of meeting other people who actually want to meet up at some point.

It Works With Facebook

The one thing that the app really has going for it is that it uses your Facebook account. You’ll need it to sign up and you’ll need it for your photos. If you don’t have a Facebook account, then you’ll just be out of luck. There’s no way for you to upload your photos without one.

That serves to bring you people who are actually who they say they are. If someone wants to make a fake profile, they’re going to have to go through the trouble of making a fake Facebook account first. It’s just too much work for most scammers.

That means that when you see someone on the app, you can be sure that they’re real and they’re ready to talk to you. On top of that, the app will match you to people in your friend’s group who are also on the app.

Facebook Also Mentioned In This Related Post: Why You’re Single And Can’t Get A GF

It’s Very Expensive

The biggest problem with this app is that it’s just so expensive. It’s much more expensive than its competitors and, once again, the user base if very small.

You’re going to end up spending a bunch of money on an app that doesn’t do a whole lot for you. If you decide to cancel your account, it’s going to take you a little bit.

You’ll have to make your way through the site before you can complete all of the tasks that it takes to close down your account and stop getting charged.

Conclusion: Down Dating Just Isn’t Great

While Down Dating itself is okay, there just aren’t enough people on it. It’s an expensive option that doesn’t provide you with a reasonable service for the cost.

It’s great to know that all of the profiles are real, but you can get that on plenty of less expensive apps out there. This one might be worth it at some point, but it’s just not there yet.

Pass it by and find a different app to use. You’ll be much better off with a different service that already has a decent user base to talk to.

Why You’re Single And Can’t Get A GF


Being single can be one of the worst things to ever happen to a person who wants to be in a relationship. It’s never any fun to be alone when you want to have a soul mate. The problem is that going from single to a person who’s with someone else can be a real challenge.

If you’re having trouble finding a girlfriend then you really just have to take a look at why you’re still single. If you can figure that out then you’ll be well on your way to actually finding someone.

Why You're Single Today

You just have to be willing to actually address the problems and make some changes. That’s the most important part to it all. You have to identify the problems and then fix them.

That’s the only way that you’re going to go from being single to being someone who’s with someone else and happy. Trust me, it’s not always that she’s just not that into you.

Why You’re Single And What To Do About It

Here are the main reasons why you’re single today and why you cannot get laid. More than likely, you have some work cutout for you, FYI…

Look At Yourself

What you really have to do is take a long look at yourself. The biggest problem is usually that you just don’t know how to flirt. This is a major problem for a lot of men. They just try to act cool and the women they want never have any idea that they’re interested in them.

Anxiety Is Rampant

You can also just be too anxious around women. If you really want to date someone then you’re always going to be on edge around them.

It’s like you’re always on an interview and it can make you seem like someone that you’re not. You can also make the mistake of putting women on pedestals.

This is going to have the same outcome. You have to realize that women are just people and that’s it. They’re not better than you and they don’t know any more than you do. Treat them like people and it will help.

Take Care Of Yourself

You also want to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself. You have to shave and you have to shower. You have to have a good job and you have to have a future.

No woman wants to waste her time on a man who can’t take care of himself. You have to put yourself first and make sure that you’re happy outside of your relationship.

You also want to avoid being negative all of the time. No one likes that. It’s the easiest way to push people around you away.

Conclusion: Fix Yourself First

Once you figure out why you’re single, you have to make sure you work to change the problems. You can do it however you want, but you have to do it.

Make sure you tend to the issues before you go out looking for someone else. You can’t bring someone else into your life if it isn’t the way that you want it. Fix yourself then you can fix the fact that you’re single.

It’s really that simple. Take care of your issues and you’ll be well on your way to finally finding a girlfriend. Hey, if you’re not looking for a girlfriend and you just want to bang, that’s fine  too. I’ve covered how to do that successfully. Review: No Hoes Just A Fake News Scam


Having spent lots of time chasing hoes, I know what you must look for when trying to meet and hookup daily online. I came across a site called and wow, was I taken back or what! The site is a piece of crap and a giant scam. Find out why you must avoid these fake news tactics when it comes to dating online. Is A Fake News Scam

With so many scam sites on the internet, the scams have to keep getting better and better. That’s what’s going on for a lot of the sites that actually manage to trick you into them.

They employ brand new tactics that make it seem like using the site is a sure fire way to find sex. That’s what you can expect with a site like Get Your Hoe.

This is a site that goes above and beyond when it comes to tricking people into joining. You may have even come across a few of their scams already.

They rely heavily on fake news to let you know that the site is all about finding a fast lay and they do a great job of it. At the end of the day, it’s still just a scam site and you have to know what to look for to avoid it.

Fake News Stories And Texts

One of their biggest ads has been making its way across the internet for a while. It’s a really smart way of getting you to think of the site as a way to meet women who would do anything for sex. It’s a fake news article that’s attributed to CNN. Before you go off looking for it on their site, CNN never published it.

They simply said that they did so the ad would gain some traction. It’s all about a hot teacher getting fired for giving oral sex to a teen. They go on to say that she used their site to meet him and that’s how the ad gets you to check them out.

There are also plenty of viral text messages being posted from people supposedly talking about the site. You can see friends talking about finding each other’s sisters on the site desperately looking for sex.

It’s Still The Same Scam Underneath

If you make the mistake of joining the site because of the viral ads, you’ll quickly be submitted to the real scam. You’re going to start getting messages in your inbox right away.

They’re going to fill it up and it’s going to seem like the site is really what it claims to be. That’s not true. All of the messages are being sent to you from fake profiles that the site itself has created.

They want to get you to try to respond to them, which will cost you a monthly subscription.

Conclusion: Ignore The Ads

The best thing that you can do is simply ignore the ads for They’re never going to lead you anywhere that you want to go. You’re just going to end up getting scammed by a site that pulls out all of the stops.

They’re desperate to trick you and they do a great job of it. Just stay away from it and find a site that has actual people on it. You’ll be much happier in the long run.

Is A Total Ripoff? Find Out Today…


I’m so fed up with these scamming scumbag dating sites. I decided to dive into the one and only, which is a massive disgrace and scummy marketing scam to say the least. Here’s what I know about this site and why it’s not for you. Actually, it’s not for anyone who wants to get laid.

Review of Sends You To A Scam

Once a scam site has been around for long enough, it becomes pretty well-known among the people who use dating sites. It’s a natural occurrence that you can’t avoid. It’s when this happens that the sites have to find other ways of getting traffic into them.

It can be a challenge to keep people coming and that’s really what these sites need to keep making their money. That’s when they create funnel sites like LollyBurst. This is just a fresh site that no one will recognize as a scam site. They try to sign up for it and then get immediately sent to the scam sites.

The one that this site sends you to is Amo Latina and it’s a pretty famous scam that people have learned to avoid. They have to get them in any way that they can and falling for it is going to cost you a whole lot of money.

You Get Tons Of Messages On Lolly Burst

The whole scam starts as soon as you try to sign up. You get redirected to the Amo Latins site and it starts up right away. You’ll start getting messages sent to you as soon as you give them your email address. They’re not going to stop at all.

It’s going to seem like you have a whole lot of people who really want to talk to you. That’s what they’re really after. They want it to seem like you’d be crazy to not stay on the site and try to talk to these people. It’s when you try to respond that the scamming starts.

You’re going to see that you have to upgrade your account in order to send out a message. That’s when you have to agree to a monthly fee and it’s what the site has been after this whole time.

None Of The Profiles Are Real

If you take the time to look closely at the profiles that have been sending you messages, you’ll see how fake it all really is. The photos are all stock photos that the site got from agencies online. The people you see have never been on the site for a single second.

They sold their images and the site uses them to create fake profiles. They then use the profiles to send off the fake messages that have filled up your inbox and gotten you to pay them a monthly fee.

Conclusion: Stay Away From Lolly Burst

There’s no reason for anyone to visit Lolly Burst. It’s only there to send you to a scam site. You don’t have to check any of it out. Just stay away from it and you’ll be much better off. There are much better sites for you to use instead.

There are plenty of them that will actually have people for you to talk to. Try those out and you’ll have much better luck in getting together with people who want to hook up with you in real life.

Verified Profiles Review


Today’s report covers the ins and outs of Verified Profiles. This is a legit dating site by the folks at Fling, Instabang, and SnapSext (not Snapsex). It’s their version of the safest, secure, and verified profile dating site on the Internet. Find out the truth about and why we think it’s a really great option for finding real singles online.

Verified Profiles

Verified Profiles Review Confirms It’s A Verified Winner

So, let’s cover the obvious first…There are plenty of dating sites out there that require their members to verify their profiles. It lets the people using the site know that no one is lying to them.

The process is usually the same. If you want to get a badge saying that your profile is verified, you have to send in a copy of your ID. Then when other people look at your profile, they see the badge and know that you are who you say you are. It’s a great way for sites to operate and a lot of them want you to think you can trust their process.

Unfortunately, there are also plenty of sites that lie and tell you they’re verifying people only to trick you into them. These sites have no actual process, let alone actual users. That’s NOT what’s happening on Verified Profiles. In fact, this might be one of the sites that actually tell you their profiles are verified, and truly checks to verify that.

The Messages Are Real

If you want to confirm that this isn’t a scam site, all you have to do is create a free profile. What’s going to happen here is what happens on most trustworthy sites. You’re going to (very slowly) start getting messages in your inbox right. That’s always a dead giveaway that a member is real. If it takes time, then that’s a good sign.

No site is ever going to be filled with people who send you messages as soon as you sign up. If they do and you try to respond to them, you’ll see how it all works. Now, here at VP, you can’t send off a single message unless you upgrade your account to a paid membership.

That actually makes a lot of sense too. The reason being, they weed out the fakes and further tire kickers by doing this. The verified members go out of their way to send you messages that you’ll end up wanting to respond to. That’s when you decide to message back. Soon as you do, you’ll find out these members are 100% legit and ready to connect via chat even.

Check Out The Photos

If you want more evidence that this is real, just take a look at the photos on the verified profiles. You can run a reverse image search on them and you’ll quickly learn that they are real people, not stock photos, and not bought profiles.

What you’re going to see is that all of the images that are 100% real and as legit as can be. That’s because the verification process helps the company weed out stock photos and fake profiles.

Conclusion: Verified Profiles Will Work Because It’s Real

Verified Profiles is a site that you should spend time investing in. It’s a confidential and trustworthy dating site and it works. The site will help you connect with real users. This is one that’s only out to help you meet someone that’s real and actually hookup. Don’t be afraid to join it once and for all.

Getting Over A Hookup


Whether you’ve been hooking up only briefly or if you’ve been doing it all along, it’s def going to be tough to get over. In fact, getting over a breakup is never an easy thing to do. Those are for long term relationships, though. Things can get really complicated really quickly when the person you’re saying goodbye to is simply a hookup.

Yes – it happens – ALL THE TIME.

You start hooking up with someone just to have a little bit of fun. The sex is great and you really get along. That’s when you start feeling like you could be more together. The jealousy of seeing him or her with another person starts to burn into you.

You tell them that you want your relationship to become more. They say no. Now you’re heartbroken and you feel like you have no right to be. That’s where the real complication comes in.

She (or he) was just a hookup and they did nothing wrong. They simply held true to your relationship. Now you have to get over it and here’s how you do it. This article will help you get past everything.

Get Over A Hookup

Get Over A Hookup Quickly

These things are in no specific order. They just must all be considered when trying to get over a hookup.

Clean The Slate

The first thing you want to do is cut yourself off from the person. This isn’t a girlfriend or boyfriend. This is just someone you had sex with. You never want to be that person. You never want them to think of you in that way. Sure, you asked for more and they said no. It’s really that simple.

Go through all of your social media and delete their contacts. Delete all of the messages. Never give in to your desire to message (or send emojis). Never call for the sex that you love so much. It won’t end well and you’ll just reignite your feelings. Please, do not do that.

Build Your Confidence

Now it’s time for you to start rebuilding your confidence. It’s no doubt taken a massive hit by this rejection. Lots of people like to start with a new haircut. Others prefer to binge-watch TV and eat a lot of ice cream until they realize they can do anything that they want.

Investing in a brand new sex toy might not be a bad idea. If you can manage to make yourself feel just as good as this person made you feel then you can come out as the clear winner.

There’s no need for your hookup buddy when you can get all of the things offered by yourself or even better, by someone else on Instabang! They’re the one who’s missing out now that you’re a certified sex guru.

Get Back Out There

Now it’s time to hit the scene again. Masturbation is only going to get you so far. Sign up for a good hook up site (the one mentioned above) and show everyone what you have to offer them. It won’t hurt to focus on the younger people for a while.

Show yourself that you’re still just as desirable and you’ll never have to spend another second thinking about what’s his name. Move on and have some mind-blowing sex with as many guys as you want. Do a little experiment with a few others as well.

Experience everything that you missed out on while you were limiting yourself to only banging one person. In other words, take action, get out there and start to date and make things happen, simple as that! Looking for some step by step advice? No problem…here’s some info for you in this article.

Sexy Emoji Texting Advice


Do you like to put in some work upfront? If so, then you’re probably texting local women. When texting them, you should be using emojis to help spice things up a bit. This article explains why you should use emoji icons in your text messages and how to use them without looking stupid.

Emoji Texting Tips

How To Seduce A Woman With Sexy Emojis Via Texts

Everyone likes to sext. It’s the best way to let someone know that you’re interested without having to feel overly awkward. Telling a woman that you want to have sex with her is a lot more difficult than sending her a banana and peach.

It lets you be cute about it while working the idea of sex with you into her mind. It will be your best bet at getting her into the bedroom (or at least to your bachelor pad) and you don’t have to put a lot of thought into it. You just have to do a few things to make sure that you’re successful.

Check Out Her Social Media

The first thing that you want to do is a little bit of detective work. Check out her Facebook or any other social media accounts that she has. You want to see what kind of emojis she uses on her own.

There are a lot of women out there who think some of the emojis are overly creepy. While one girl might use the winking emoji every single day, another might think it’s creepy and too sexual.

Check out the kind that she uses and try to use the same ones to get your point across.

Don’t Use Too Many

The next thing you have to keep track of is how many emojis you’re sending her. You don’t want to overdo it here.

Make sure you still spend plenty of time using actual words. Just depending on emojis will make you come across as being unable to carry an actual conversation.

The emojis should be used to enhance your points rather than make them without actual words.

Get your point across with a mix and you’ll be much more likely to come across as someone that she wants to get to know better.

Don’t Fill Her Box

If you really want to fill her box in real life, don’t fill her digital box with nonsense. If you send off a text and don’t hear back, don’t send another one.

She got it.

If she doesn’t respond at all, it means she isn’t interested. If she doesn’t respond right away, she might just be busy. Don’t push yourself on her and you’ll have much better chances.

Meet Her First

If this is a woman that you haven’t met yet, don’t sext her emojis. It’s not going to come across great. You’re going to make it obvious that you’re only interested in having sex with her.

That’s not what you want to happen. Wait until you actually meet up with her before you start ramping up your texts with sex talk and emojis.

You need to have a basis for a real relationship before you can start being cute with her about it.

Be Cute Instead Of Sexual

Most importantly, you want to be cute instead of sexual. Don’t send her a peach that’s pointing to tell her you want to finger her butthole.

peach emojis

Find ways to say the things you want to say without being too obvious about it. It’s best if you think of the whole thing like a game instead of anything else.

It’s the best way to a woman’s heart when they can think of you as cuddly instead of constantly hard.

Be Yourself

No matter how you talk to girls with your emojis, you always want to be yourself. Don’t try to copy anyone else’s style.

Just be the person you really are and have an actual conversation with her.

Tell her what you normally would, just through images. That’s really the key to the whole thing for you.

Now, if you’re struggling to meet people, then you must start here first

How To Have Great Shower Sex


I’m all about getting down in the shower! This post showcases literally everything I know about having shower sex. Having successfully accomplished this task with many girls in my day, I felt it was only right for me to share some tips with you. Before you decide to get wet with some local hottie you meet on Instabang, do yourself a favor and read this first…

Shower Sex tips

Tips For Having Great Shower Sex

We’ve all seen those steamy love scenes in the movies. They’re the scenes where the steam is both literal and figurative at the same time. Of course, we’re talking about shower sex scenes. Nothing looks hotter on camera.

You get the visuals of the running water and heat all over the actors’ bodies. Plus you get the steam on the shower doors that just so happens to cover up the naughty bits so the movie can get a decent rating. Wanting to try it for yourself is extremely natural and it can be a whole lot of fun. Here’s how you get the most out of your shower sex.

Get A Shower Mat

The very first thing you want to do is get yourself a good shower mat. This is all one big slippery situation and you don’t want to leave anything to chance.

One wrong thrust and you can lose your footing in an instant. One or both of you will end up on the bathroom floor with blood gushing from your brand new head wounds.

Don’t let that happen. Get a good mat and make sure the fluids gushing are the ones you want.

Men Can Underperform

The thing that you absolutely have to keep in mind is that men might just not be able to keep it up in the shower. For one thing, he’s standing.

That sends the blood in the wrong direction. More importantly, the hot water will have something to say here. Hot water lowers blood pressure. Lower blood pressure once again means that it’s not going where it’s supposed to.

If it happens to you, don’t worry about it. Shower sex just isn’t going to be your thing. If a guy wants to surprise his woman he might want to try a solo outing first.

If you can beat your meat in the shower then you can probably beat the heat when it’s time for your sex partner to eat your meat.

Condoms And Showers

Another thing to keep in mind is that condoms and shower sex are never going to be a thing. The water is going to eat right through them. If they have spermicide on them, that’s also going to disappear. Does that mean you should either give up on shower sex or condoms?

No, it doesn’t mean that. Just make sure you don’t do any of your penetrating under the water. It will make the rest of the sex better, anyway. The water won’t be washing away any lubricating love juices down there.

Positions For Shower Sex

There’s no way around this. Any position that you use in the shower is going to be standing. That’s pretty much all you have for yourself. The easiest thing to do is for the woman to be in front and bent over.

The more flexible she is, the more penetration you can experience. If she can bend at the waist and touch the floor with her fingertips, you’re both in for a mind-blowing bang. The man can also try to lift her up and hold her against the wall for face to face sex. This really isn’t recommended, though.

It’s just too dangerous and no sex is worth a lifetime of paralysis after you both fall. If you want something other than vaginal sex, the shower is a great place to get your oral in. One partner gets on his or her knees and just goes to town on the other.

It can feel great for women and men can finally get a special fantasy fulfilled. If the woman is squeamish about taking a facial, just take it in the shower. You can wash off the protein shake right after it gets served up. If the woman wants to do something special but she’s unsure if her man is into giving facials, he is. There’s no question about it. He just is.

Now, one thing I should mention about positions and effort. You’re definitely going to be burning a lot of calories if you’re smashing in the shower!

Get Really Anal About It

This is also the perfect time to try some anal sex. All it takes is bending over and giving it to her. You can use some non-water-soluble lube if you want, but it honestly shouldn’t even be necessary. Just get her nice and slippery the usual way you do it in the shower and the rest will take care of itself.

This is also another solution for the condom problem if you’re using them to prevent pregnancy and not an STD. Just remember this helpful rhyme:

Jizz in her fudge piper and you’ll never change a diaper… 

Clean Up After Getting Down

Most of you have probably been imaging having sex in your own showers this whole time. That’s not going to be the case for everyone, though.

Just think about the young guy or girl who lives at home or in a dorm. Maybe you just like getting nasty at other people’s houses. All of that is fine. Just remember to clean up after yourself.

No one likes stepping in the shower and slipping on cum, especially when it’s not yours. Just hose the thing down a little before you leave the bathroom and you’ll be fine.

Try It Out

So, that’s everything you need to know about having sex in the shower. Now it’s up to you to try it out. Just remember to do it safely. Both you and your partner are probably already knuckle blasting yourselves when you’re alone in there. There’s no reason not to make it a family affair.

Bring your genitals together and just have a good time with it. If you want to have sex in some other places, consider doing it in a car, in an alley, in the kitchen, at a party, or hell, you could even try having sex in a bed.

The only thing holding you back from having a good time anywhere you want is you. Don’t be afraid to drop your drawers and drop a load. It’s your sex life. Enjoy it!