Review: No Hoes Just A Fake News Scam


Having spent lots of time chasing hoes, I know what you must look for when trying to meet and hookup daily online. I came across a site called and wow, was I taken back or what! The site is a piece of crap and a giant scam. Find out why you must avoid these fake news tactics when it comes to dating online. Is A Fake News Scam

With so many scam sites on the internet, the scams have to keep getting better and better. That’s what’s going on for a lot of the sites that actually manage to trick you into them.

They employ brand new tactics that make it seem like using the site is a sure fire way to find sex. That’s what you can expect with a site like Get Your Hoe.

This is a site that goes above and beyond when it comes to tricking people into joining. You may have even come across a few of their scams already.

They rely heavily on fake news to let you know that the site is all about finding a fast lay and they do a great job of it. At the end of the day, it’s still just a scam site and you have to know what to look for to avoid it.

Fake News Stories And Texts

One of their biggest ads has been making its way across the internet for a while. It’s a really smart way of getting you to think of the site as a way to meet women who would do anything for sex. It’s a fake news article that’s attributed to CNN. Before you go off looking for it on their site, CNN never published it.

They simply said that they did so the ad would gain some traction. It’s all about a hot teacher getting fired for giving oral sex to a teen. They go on to say that she used their site to meet him and that’s how the ad gets you to check them out.

There are also plenty of viral text messages being posted from people supposedly talking about the site. You can see friends talking about finding each other’s sisters on the site desperately looking for sex.

It’s Still The Same Scam Underneath

If you make the mistake of joining the site because of the viral ads, you’ll quickly be submitted to the real scam. You’re going to start getting messages in your inbox right away.

They’re going to fill it up and it’s going to seem like the site is really what it claims to be. That’s not true. All of the messages are being sent to you from fake profiles that the site itself has created.

They want to get you to try to respond to them, which will cost you a monthly subscription.

Conclusion: Ignore The Ads

The best thing that you can do is simply ignore the ads for They’re never going to lead you anywhere that you want to go. You’re just going to end up getting scammed by a site that pulls out all of the stops.

They’re desperate to trick you and they do a great job of it. Just stay away from it and find a site that has actual people on it. You’ll be much happier in the long run.

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