HiSlut Dating Website Review

There are so many darn dating networks out there that it’s next to impossible to visit them all. Given the sheer abundance of sites, it makes sense to want to minimize your time using crappy ones and only use those that are worth using. Which is why I’m pointing out HiSlut to you today. If you’ve never heard of hislut.com, don’t visit it now. Instead, keep reading because I’m sharing everything I know about this so-called dating website.

But first:

You must understand that this site isn’t exactly what you think it is and why you cannot find sluts. Instead, it’s all about marketing and nothing more. Here’s what you need to know about this site and everything that it encompasses.

Hislut.com Homepage

HiSlut Review Reveals The Marketing Truth

HiSlut is a dating site that’s NOT really a dating site. If that sounds ridiculous to you, then congratulations, you’re not the kind of “thinking” person that they’re looking for. The owners of HiSlut have basically decided to turn it into a feeder site for their new partner, Adult Hook Up.

It’s not a totally uncommon thing for dating sites to do, but typically only if they have every intention of scamming you out of money. The way that it works is simple and you’ll be able to find out all about it right here before you make the mistake of signing up.

You Can't Handle The Truth

How It Works

Essentially, the whole thing works like this: When you try to sign up for HiSlut, you’re immediately redirected to Adult Hook Up. They don’t really keep it a secret, but it’s never a good thing to want one thing and have it switched out for another.

If you take the time to pay for a membership, then your account will be marked as one that came from Hi Slut. This earns them a percentage of your membership fee and everyone, except for you, of course, is happy.

It’s a bit of an underhanded tactic, but you can see why they have to put so much effort into getting you to pay for your membership. Their entire business model depends on it and they’re focused on squeezing money out of.

It’s all about you and your wallet and you become the focus of every bit of their attention.

What Happens When You Sign Up?

As soon as you sign up, you’re going to be getting the typical bot messages to get you to upgrade your account. This is all that they care about. They’ll try every single trick at their disposal and they’ll never let up.

The fact that they need to employ fake accounts should be more than enough proof that no one uses this site for its intended purpose. No one who would be willing to pay for a hook up site would be okay with getting message after message from fake profiles begging them to pay. They’d never be able to get anything done.

Speaking of fake profiles, there is a slew of other websites that incorporate these “fakes” into their marketing plan. Some of those that do are JustBang, Snapsex, and Mixxer.

The TOS Are Agreed Upon

When you agree to the terms and conditions, you’re allowing them to contact you through these online emissaries. It’s the only way that they can get away with what they do.

They’re essentially getting you to agree to be tricked by them and that right there is where you should just walk away. There will never be any real people to talk to and you’ll just be throwing your money away.

They only exist to rip people off and have created an entire business model around it. The only way that these people can sleep at night is by calling themselves an entertainment website and that’s exactly how their business is listed.

If you want entertainment, then fine, but if you want to use a hookup site, then you need to find another one. This one doesn’t have anything real to offer.


It should go without saying that Hislut.com is a total waste of time. Do not give them your money. Do not even attempt to visit this site. It’s one that simply doesn’t work and will never work.

If you’re interested in meeting people to bang, then use the one I recommend and stay away from the rest. Too many of these sites are shady scams which cannot be trusted. It’s as simple as that.