Legal Public Sex Locations


This article covers a bunch of info on public sex and where to do it without breaking the law and getting put behind bars. Find out the important details of having sex publicly and legally.

Sex in public locations

5 Places You Can Have Sex In Public Without Going To Jail

The act of engaging in sexual activities in public spaces is deemed unlawful in numerous nations across the globe. This act is punishable by considerable fines and, in some cases, may even warrant incarceration.

Nevertheless, there exist certain locations in the world where public sex is not only legally permissible but also embraced and celebrated. Although this might be unexpected for some, there are several reasons why specific cultures have chosen to embrace public sexuality as a means of freedom and self-expression.

Whether it’s due to a lack of privacy in crowded cities or a cultural shift towards sexual liberation, these public sex spots offer a unique experience for those looking to explore their sexuality in a public setting.

Although there are potential hazards related to participating in sexual activity in public spaces, such as the risk of apprehension by law enforcement personnel or the potential for social condemnation, numerous individuals perceive the sensation of adventure and thrill associated with these encounters to be highly rewarding.

From designated public sex parks to nude beaches and hotels, we’ll explore some of the most intriguing destinations around the world where public sex is legal and widely accepted.


Brazil, situated on the eastern coast, is blessed with an extensive shoreline along the Atlantic Ocean, granting it one of the world’s lengthiest coastlines. The country is also renowned for its expansive tropical rainforest and abundant biodiversity.

Brazilian cities have gained a reputation for their vibrant and lively atmosphere, with an open and candid attitude towards discussions about sex. The populace exhibits a high level of contentment with their sexual experiences. Moreover, Brazil boasts numerous beaches, both topless and nude, where individuals openly engage in sexual activities without encountering legal restrictions.


During the summer season of 2018, a noteworthy advancement occurred in Guadalajara, Mexico. A law was passed decriminalizing public sex, although the motivation behind this legislation was not primarily driven by open-mindedness. Rather, it stemmed from reports of police officers extorting couples who were caught engaging in such activities.

The intention behind the new law was to safeguard “vulnerable groups,” specifically young couples who sought privacy in parks or vehicles due to the presence of parents at home. By allowing public sex within certain parameters, law enforcement could allocate their attention and resources toward addressing more severe criminal offenses.


In Denmark, the practice of public sex is only legal within a specific designated area, namely ├śrstedsparken. Situated in central Copenhagen, ├śrstedsparken is a public park where individuals are permitted to engage in sexual activities openly.

The guidelines and regulations about sexual encounters in the park are prominently displayed for visitors to see

Hence, it is advised to refrain from:

Engaging in sexual activities in the playground and other visible areas between 9 am and 4 pm. Participating in loud sexual encounters while in hiding between 9 am and 4 pm.

Additionally, please bear in mind the following guidelines:

Ensure that any traces of semen are promptly removed from the benches following any sexual activity. Dispose of used condoms and napkins in the designated bins provided.

The City Hall of Copenhagen encourages practicing safe sex and promotes this important message to park visitors.


Germany has cultivated a rich tradition of embracing nudity throughout its extensive history, with legislation permitting the practice of mixed-sex public nudity in specific zones like beaches and parks.

Moreover, engaging in sexual activities in public is technically legal, provided that no one complains. Nevertheless, there is an important stipulation: participants must ensure their bodies are concealed by a covering, such as a blanket or a towel, during the act itself. Failing to maintain this necessary modesty during public sexual encounters can result in financial penalties.

Vondelpark, the Netherlands

Vondelpark, drawing an impressive 10 million annual visitors, stands as Amsterdam’s largest and most renowned municipal park. Spanning across a lush expanse of 45 hectares, this vibrant site boasts notable features such as an open-air theater, multiple children’s playgrounds, and a variety of cafes and restaurants, ensuring a lively atmosphere throughout the year (

Remarkably, Vondelpark holds a unique distinction in the Netherlands, as it is the sole location where public sex is legally permitted. Since September 2008, adults have been granted the legal right to engage in sexual activities within the park. However, it is important to note the following three conditions for participation:

  • Restricting sexual activities to evening hours and the night.
  • Requiring individuals to dispose of their garbage properly when they have finished.
  • Prohibiting any form of intercourse near the playground area.

By following these protocols, guests can effectively contribute to the preservation of a secure and pleasant ambiance throughout the premises.


It is imperative to note that while there may be a scant number of places to have sex in public globally, it is crucial to acknowledge that these locales are restricted in number and are subject to strict guidelines and protocols.

Engaging in public sex can still be considered a criminal offense in many countries and can carry serious legal consequences. Ensure to prioritize consent and respect for others in any sexual encounter, whether it be in a public or private setting.

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