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I’m so fed up with these scamming scumbag dating sites. I decided to dive into the one and only, which is a massive disgrace and scummy marketing scam to say the least. Here’s what I know about this site and why it’s not for you. Actually, it’s not for anyone who wants to get laid.

Review of Sends You To A Scam

Once a scam site has been around for long enough, it becomes pretty well-known among the people who use dating sites. It’s a natural occurrence that you can’t avoid. It’s when this happens that the sites have to find other ways of getting traffic into them.

It can be a challenge to keep people coming and that’s really what these sites need to keep making their money. That’s when they create funnel sites like LollyBurst. This is just a fresh site that no one will recognize as a scam site. They try to sign up for it and then get immediately sent to the scam sites.

The one that this site sends you to is Amo Latina and it’s a pretty famous scam that people have learned to avoid. They have to get them in any way that they can and falling for it is going to cost you a whole lot of money.

You Get Tons Of Messages On Lolly Burst

The whole scam starts as soon as you try to sign up. You get redirected to the Amo Latins site and it starts up right away. You’ll start getting messages sent to you as soon as you give them your email address. They’re not going to stop at all.

It’s going to seem like you have a whole lot of people who really want to talk to you. That’s what they’re really after. They want it to seem like you’d be crazy to not stay on the site and try to talk to these people. It’s when you try to respond that the scamming starts.

You’re going to see that you have to upgrade your account in order to send out a message. That’s when you have to agree to a monthly fee and it’s what the site has been after this whole time.

None Of The Profiles Are Real

If you take the time to look closely at the profiles that have been sending you messages, you’ll see how fake it all really is. The photos are all stock photos that the site got from agencies online. The people you see have never been on the site for a single second.

They sold their images and the site uses them to create fake profiles. They then use the profiles to send off the fake messages that have filled up your inbox and gotten you to pay them a monthly fee.

Conclusion: Stay Away From Lolly Burst

There’s no reason for anyone to visit Lolly Burst. It’s only there to send you to a scam site. You don’t have to check any of it out. Just stay away from it and you’ll be much better off. There are much better sites for you to use instead.

There are plenty of them that will actually have people for you to talk to. Try those out and you’ll have much better luck in getting together with people who want to hook up with you in real life.

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