Make A Sex Tape With Your Date


Some girls that join dating sites are extra wild. I’m talking about being willing and able to do almost anything on this earth. Some of them may even be willing to make a sex tape! If you didn’t know already, making a sex tape can be super fun and no, they don’t all lead to social media leaks. Not everyone in this world is a complete asshole. After watching some of the world famous sex tapes that have been filmed, I’ve come to learn the proper way to make a homemade sex tape. I’ve got a few tips for you to take into consideration before you start filming the next golden globe winner!

How To Make A Sex Tape

Tips On How To Make A Sex Tape With Someone

Here are a few important tips to consider when making a sex tape. No, they are not super important but they will make your time far more enjoyable (for both people). Read these and understand them!

Make A Plan
Don’t just set up a camera and start filming. You’ve got to essentially “block” in each shot or scene. If you have a script that you have put together, don’t leave your partner high and dry! Give them a copy to read and fully understand. Not being prepared can be a real buzz kill when it comes to creating this sex tape. You need to be prepared. Don’t be afraid to try roleplay versus natural acting. In fact, it may make things a lot easier. Pretend to be someone else if it makes you feel more comfortable in front of the camera lens. Roleplay is an awesome date idea, to begin with!

Good Lighting
Stages in Hollywood had killer lighting. You don’t want to make a sex tape with some random girl only to find out that the lighting was so shitty that you can’t see a thing on the screen. You want to take pride in the light setup because it’s going to really bring out the efforts of the people on camera. You typically want some natural light that has a low glow to it. I would suggest using candles but that would be extremely irresponsible of me to do. After all, that can cause a fire.

Capture Many Angles
You want to be sure to capture many angles. Simply setting up a wide angle from afar is not going to cut it. The sex tape won’t be as intimate as you hoped and it may even be too high at times depending on the setup. Bad angles can make people look like fat slobs too. No one wants to watch two fat people have sex. It’s downright gross. Keep the camera angles low so that the naked woman on video looks beautiful and curvy without too much poundage on the hips and stomach (if you know what I mean).

Groom Yourself
If you watch any professional adult video and you see people having sex you will notice that each of them are literally perfectly groomed. They don’t have any crazy bush or anything like that. Manscape is proper etiquette in general and if you don’t look at yourself and think you look 100% on point then do more grooming! Not to mention, grooming your body actually makes you look much bigger too.

Set The Mood
You need to set the proper mood for your date. If you’re making this video with a girl that you’ve just met on a sex date site then there’s a good chance she’ll be in a hot mood. However, you want to set the tone and compliment her on a few things that you notice. Tell her that you think she looks sexier than ever before. Let her know how hot she is and how you can’t wait to be inside her.

Keep It Secure
This might be the most important thing that you do if you do anything at all. Once you’ve completed fucking each other on camera, then you need to do something with the video. No, I’m not talking about watching it. I’m talking about keeping it safe and secure. Never, ever upload this video to any website (other than the sex dating site you both use). Steer clear from uploading this to iCloud or some other sharing platform. Watch the movie with your sex partner and delete it right after. That’s what I do!

Now, if you don’t have a sex partner to make a sex tape with, then you’re out of luck. You have more work to do than most. Simply join this site and connect with someone today. You can then work on creating a sex tape!

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