Sexy Emoji Texting Advice


Do you like to put in some work upfront? If so, then you’re probably texting local women. When texting them, you should be using emojis to help spice things up a bit. This article explains why you should use emoji icons in your text messages and how to use them without looking stupid.

Emoji Texting Tips

How To Seduce A Woman With Sexy Emojis Via Texts

Everyone likes to sext. It’s the best way to let someone know that you’re interested without having to feel overly awkward. Telling a woman that you want to have sex with her is a lot more difficult than sending her a banana and peach.

It lets you be cute about it while working the idea of sex with you into her mind. It will be your best bet at getting her into the bedroom (or at least to your bachelor pad) and you don’t have to put a lot of thought into it. You just have to do a few things to make sure that you’re successful.

Check Out Her Social Media

The first thing that you want to do is a little bit of detective work. Check out her Facebook or any other social media accounts that she has. You want to see what kind of emojis she uses on her own.

There are a lot of women out there who think some of the emojis are overly creepy. While one girl might use the winking emoji every single day, another might think it’s creepy and too sexual.

Check out the kind that she uses and try to use the same ones to get your point across.

Don’t Use Too Many

The next thing you have to keep track of is how many emojis you’re sending her. You don’t want to overdo it here.

Make sure you still spend plenty of time using actual words. Just depending on emojis will make you come across as being unable to carry an actual conversation.

The emojis should be used to enhance your points rather than make them without actual words.

Get your point across with a mix and you’ll be much more likely to come across as someone that she wants to get to know better.

Don’t Fill Her Box

If you really want to fill her box in real life, don’t fill her digital box with nonsense. If you send off a text and don’t hear back, don’t send another one.

She got it.

If she doesn’t respond at all, it means she isn’t interested. If she doesn’t respond right away, she might just be busy. Don’t push yourself on her and you’ll have much better chances.

Meet Her First

If this is a woman that you haven’t met yet, don’t sext her emojis. It’s not going to come across great. You’re going to make it obvious that you’re only interested in having sex with her.

That’s not what you want to happen. Wait until you actually meet up with her before you start ramping up your texts with sex talk and emojis.

You need to have a basis for a real relationship before you can start being cute with her about it.

Be Cute Instead Of Sexual

Most importantly, you want to be cute instead of sexual. Don’t send her a peach that’s pointing to tell her you want to finger her butthole.

peach emojis

Find ways to say the things you want to say without being too obvious about it. It’s best if you think of the whole thing like a game instead of anything else.

It’s the best way to a woman’s heart when they can think of you as cuddly instead of constantly hard.

Be Yourself

No matter how you talk to girls with your emojis, you always want to be yourself. Don’t try to copy anyone else’s style.

Just be the person you really are and have an actual conversation with her.

Tell her what you normally would, just through images. That’s really the key to the whole thing for you.

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