Tinder Girls And Why They Totally Suck


I’ve been using lots of dating sites and one of them that I’ve tried in the past is Tinder. For those that haven’t tried it, I want you to never do so! I’m going to tell you why Tinder girls are pretty much the absolute worst ever. For those unfamiliar with Tinder, it’s a dating app that people use to meet others. Does it work? Don’t even make me get into that please. Let’s just say, there’s a reason that I don’t waste time using it ever. Find out the types of girls that use this dating app before you waste time joining.

The Types of Tinder Girls You'll Meet

Types of Tinder Girls That You Might Meet

I don’t suggest trying Tinder at all, I’m simply telling you the types of girls that you’ll likely meet if you join. However, I’d strongly suggest that you use this site instead of using Tinder.

I’ll just come out and say it, almost 80% of the girls on Tinder don’t even want to hook up. That means about 20% of the girls using the dating app are actually looking to have some fun with someone online. That stat is so fucking low that it’s disgusting. I cannot believe that there are people out there willing to use Tinder but not hook up. I mean, they need to get a fucking life for real!

Now, there are girls that also won’t date at all on Tinder. They simply use the app just for validation that they can get dates. They don’t actually go on them but their low self-esteem requires that they use Tinder to stay popular or fuckable I guess. Crazy but true.

This might sting a bit but 50% of the girls on Tinder are not what you’re looking to get into period. What I mean by that is that the girls on Tinder(50% of them) are not even hot enough to hook up with.

Guess what, 10% of the girls on Tinder are in fact GF material. That means they are worthy of becoming a girlfriend or even a wife. I’m not saying that’s what I suggest you do, but I am saying that 10% of the girls may be girlfriend material. However, that doesn’t really help since you just want to fuck.

At the end of the day, you’re left with a big mess. 80% not worth your time and 20% that might be willing to have sex with you. That’s it really. For those stats, I’d steer clear from the shitty Tinder dating completely.

Lots of people were asking me where I got my numbers from. To be honest, I got them from doing a shit ton of research on the Internet. That’s how I learned about Tinder in the first place. The important takeaway here is simple, steer clear from Tinder and use an app that’s going to get you laid!

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