Why Instant Hookups Are Better Than Long Term Relationships


I used to have a long-term girlfriend until I discovered what having hookups was like. There is absolutely no way that long-term relationships are ever going to be as fun as instant hookups. I’ve had both and I’m going to share a few reasons as to why I love and prefer instant hookup sex versus have a girlfriend any day of the week!

instant hookups are better

Instant Hookups Are The Best, Here’s Why…

I’ve gone through my notes and here are the main reasons why finding an instant hookup online is the best way to get laid. I’m not going to waste your time with too much fluff here. Instead, I’ll get straight to the point.

Less Problems
The first reason why instant hookups are much better than long-term relationships is the fact that you can have a one and done with no problems at all. No hassles of having to communicate with the same person over and over. No boring sex that you’ll have to put yourself through. Instead, you can find someone local to hook up with and call it a day.

Less Expensive
Having instant hookups from time to time is much cheaper than getting into a relationship, especially if you’re using a website specifically catered to connecting individuals to hookups like the Instabang dating service.

New Experiences
Every hookup with someone new is a new experience. When you’re in a long relationship, you end up having the same experiences over and over. That gets extremely boring. So boring that I don’t think I’ll ever settle down again.

More Looking
The final reason why an instant hookup date is better than having a girlfriend is that there are tons of girls out there that just want to get laid. If I told you there were single girls in your local area that were just looking for nothing but something to bang them what would you say? You’d say heck yes! Show me who they are right?. Of course, you would.

These reasons should be enough for you to want to start searching for a few instant hookups yourself. If you’re taken and you just want to safely experiment online, then I suggest you do so very careful not to get caught or you just break up now. If you’re single, join a site like Instabang for the ultimate hookup experience. As I said, I gave up on relationships long ago after I discovered how fun dating online really can be.

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