Date Hookup Tips To Always Remember


I’m going to take some time today to share a few personal date hookup tips that have helped me become one of the most successful individuals getting laid online through the use of random hookup sites. These tips are applicable no matter what site you’re using. It truly doesn’t matter at all. Just read the tips and you’ll find out why.

date hookup tips

Date Hookup Tips That Continue To Get Me Laid

#1 Use The Search

Want to get lucky on any hookup dating site then you better be using the search to the best of it’s capability.

If you’re simply logging on and hoping to find someone who’s going to message you and instantly bang you then you’re dreaming. You need to search them out if you want to be successful. Go for the advanced search tools too.

#2 Always Follow Up

If you’ve gotten laid and you had a nice date with a girl or even just a nice lay, then you should follow up with her after the act.

Let her know she’s not just a wham bam thank you chick (even if she is) because there’s a good chance that you might be able to have sex with her again if you play your cards right.

Make sure you don’t say something stupid after having sex with her or you won’t need to bother following up.

#3 Pay For Things

I don’t care if she insists on paying. You do not let her pay! It makes you look so much better if you pay for things and in fact, that use to be the only way it worked in the past. Open your wallet up, do not be a cheap prick. Girls to want to bang cheapsters.

#4 Be Ready To Bang

I don’t care if you’re at the horse track in the middle of a park or at a Starbucks. You should be RTB, which means always be ready to bang! If she’s down to fuck then you better be down to do the same without some lame excuse of not being prepared.

Those are my four date hookup tips for the day. If you forget any of them, just revisit this post. Matter of fact, you should save this link somewhere so you can access it before every single date! These are what I’d consider ultra hookup tips! So use them or live without the bangs!


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