Why Dating Ugly Chicks Is Fun Too


I’m going to come clean with you and tell you that I sometimes enjoy dating ugly chicks. I don’t always need the hottest college girl to have fun. Sure, it makes me look better and looks great on my sex resume but that’s about it. Find out why I spend time dating ugly chicks and why you should do the same.

dating ugly chicks

Reasons Why Ugly Chicks Are Fun To Date

Here are a few reasons why dating an ugly chick can be really exciting and fun. I spend time using my favorite hookup site searching for less than attractive girls to connect with. I’m not telling you to find an ugly girlfriend. I’m just saying that you should bang some from time to time. These are just some of the reasons why I do it…

They’re Happier
I know it might seem strange but ugly chicks are happier than those that look like supermodels. The ones that look like they should be on the cover of a magazine have some issues. Guess what happy girls like to do? They like to have more sex!

Try Much Harder
Every time I’ve had sex with an ugly girl, they’ve tried much harder than all other girls. I’m not sure why this is the case but it is. Ugly girls always try harder in the bedroom and I think it might be because they do not get the opportunity to have sex as often. They want to make it known that they truly care about pleasing the person that they are with to prove a point that sex is incredible with them.

They Give Good Head
Every time I meet a girl online that’s ugly, I think about getting a BJ from the girl. I’ve had some of the best blowjobs from girls that just didn’t have the best looks at all. In fact, I’ve gotten head from a few ugly girls in public places just because they were horny. I didn’t have to reciprocate anything. It was literally that easy to get some. I think it’s because they enjoy giving head more than most.

Opportunity Knocks
Ugly girls are often smarter than pretty girls and they know when to take advantage of an opportunity. It should not be a shocker that when opportunity knocks, the ugly girl answers. What that means is that when she has a chance to get you inside her and there’s nothing that’s going to stop her from taking advantage of that opportunity. She may even cheat on someone to get laid.

More Fun
Ugly chicks have more fun than super hot chicks. They don’t worry about the bullshit that goes along with dating the hotter ones. They aren’t afraid to do stuff on dates and get really drunk. Basically, ugly chicks are more fun than almost all other really hot ones. The main thing super hot chicks have going for them is that they are hot. Sure, that’s a lot but that’s about it.

Those reasons should be enough for your to want to fuck an ugly chick in your neighborhood or city today. Get your ass out there and meet one today!

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