Free Sexting Advice: Who, What, When, Where, & How


If you are reading this article then you know how popular sexting is today. It’s essentially become an art that many online daters have mastered over the years. I can openly admit that I spend many hours of the day using free sexting services that exist out there (SweetSext is one). It’s the flirting and filthy talk method of our time today and if you’re not partaking in the action, then you’re leaving hookup opportunities on the table, simple as that.

The good news is that I’m here to provide you with the best free sexting advice you’ll ever get. If you’re looking for sexting tips, then just keep reading and you’ll know all that you need to and more.

free sexting advice

The Best Free Sexting Advice I’ve Ever Received

Here’s what you absolutely must know about sexting. Take it from me, as a habitual Internet dating user I know exactly what works to help you connect with locals looking to hook up nearby.

I’ll start with the who…

Who do you sext?

You’re probably wondering WTF I’m referring to here. Did you know that there is a certain type of person that you should be focusing on if you want to sext more? It’s true and identifying them is easier than ever now that we have dating sites.

The type of person that you want to send sext messages to lives close by and has specifically stated that sexting or dirty talk turns them on. I always focus on searching for this on Instabang because it helps me weed out those who are “too shy” or “not into it.”

Do a quick search online using the terms “texting,” “sexting,” “dirty talk,” and “video chat.” That’ll help you find people nearby who are down to send naughty messages back and forth.

What do you send them?

You’ll want to kick things off with a basic introduction and something extremely subtle. Let them know that you enjoy sending dirty text to local girls and that you find them overly attractive.

This sets the tone and opens things up for discussion. I never send dick pics or filthy sext messages right away. This isn’t the approach to take as you need to ensure they are in the mood to get things started. If they are, they will reply with something exciting or nasty.

When do you send the sext messages?

This is a tough call. The best time to send them is whenever they kick things off and send you one. I know it sounds complicated but it’s not. Just keep your dating app open and be on the lookout for a message or two that might come in during the day or evening.

I’ve found that either late at night or mid-day is the best time to send these messages. Might I suggest that you not send them when you’re too drunk either? That’s just a huge no-no because you’ll say something that you’re going to regret, trust me on that.

Where do you send them to?

I always do all my sexting through the Instabang app. The reason I use this is to protect my identity and the information that I send. No one wants their dirty text messages to be leaked and shared on the Internet. That in itself can be disastrous to the fullest extent! Use your head and keep communications in a safe and secure place.

How do you send them?

The “how”¬†question¬†is covered for the most part above. However, many people don’t know how to reach out to other dating members to find potential sexting candidates. How you do this is simple. You log into the site, send whatever nice initial message that you want to send, and keep the conversation getting hotter and hotter. As the flirting gets more intense you can begin to get more tough and dominant in a sense. At least that’s the approach that I typically take.

Anyway, that’s the free sexting advice that I have for you. If you’re looking to send sext messages with naughty girls online, then you just need to take some action and kick things off. That’s what I do and it works like a charm. The worst thing you can do is sit around and do nothing.

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