Video Chat Rules For Mobile Dating Success


Have you never had a video chat with someone? Well, then you’re totally missing out here! Since the rise of dating sites and webcam chat sites, video chat has become an effective way of connecting with other singles in your area. I’ve had plenty of success chatting and banging with so many individuals I’ve met online.

If you are successful at video chat, it increases your chances of connecting with potential partners in person. The better you are, the better your chances of hooking up with a gorgeous and interesting person. Check out these rules to get the most out of your video chatting.

Video Chat Rules That Matter

Rules For Video Chat Success Today

These are the rules that I have followed for success over the years. Trust me when I say that this is something that can drastically help you get lucky. Pay close attention and follow the rules, you’ll eventually get laid or get off for sure! Each and every rule has helped me meet women in town after chatting.

Look Presentable

It is crucial that you look and sound good during your video chats. Begin with a good camera. If your laptop doesn’t have the best quality cam; buy an external HD webcam. It will be worth the cost. Be sure that the lighting and background look the best they can and be sure you dress your best (within reason) and you are well groomed.

High-Speed Internet Is Required

If you have a slow connection, invest in a faster internet package from your provider. The easiest way to turn off a potential hookup is to have your video feed cut out while you’re trying to talk to them. Your connection needs to be strong and high quality so there is no interruption in your interactions.

Eyes On The Camera

This is a common mistake among amateur video chatters. Resist the urge to look at the person’s face on the screen. On their end, you will appear to be looking off. You need to look straight at the camera. It’s important that it appear as if you are looking them in the eyes providing a stronger and more personal connection.

Show Lots Of Energy

If you have the slightest drop in energy, it will be amplified on video chat and make you look like you are dull and boring. Be sure to keep your eyes open, don’t slouch, and speak loud and clear the entire time you are chatting. It’s important that your chat partner knows that you are engaged in your conversation and happy to be talking to them.

Don’t Be Pushy

If the person you are chatting with does not appear to be responding well to your conversation, don’t push it. Pay attention to their reactions and back off if they appear to lose interest. Don’t insist on chatting with them if they are not into it. Don’t continue to flirt if they are not flirting back.

Don’t Overdo It

Knowing when to discontinue your chat is just as important as knowing when to start. Don’t continue to chat all hours of the night unless you are both extremely stimulated by your interaction. Save some for the next chat session and do your best to end on a high note. There will be plenty of time to pick up where you left off the next time you connect with them. If your connection or vibe is too much, too soon it may back fire.

If you cannot grasp these simple tips, then you’re going to have trouble chatting with people using casual dating sites. That’s just the bottom line and the reality of things. You might even have trouble with ugly girls if you fumble this up. Perfect what I’ve shared and you’ll be fine.


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