How To Have Great Shower Sex


I’m all about getting down in the shower! This post showcases literally everything I know about having shower sex. Having successfully accomplished this task with many girls in my day, I felt it was only right for me to share some tips with you. Before you decide to get wet with some local hottie you meet on Instabang, do yourself a favor and read this first…

Shower Sex tips

Tips For Having Great Shower Sex

We’ve all seen those steamy love scenes in the movies. They’re the scenes where the steam is both literal and figurative at the same time. Of course, we’re talking about shower sex scenes. Nothing looks hotter on camera.

You get the visuals of the running water and heat all over the actors’ bodies. Plus you get the steam on the shower doors that just so happens to cover up the naughty bits so the movie can get a decent rating. Wanting to try it for yourself is extremely natural and it can be a whole lot of fun. Here’s how you get the most out of your shower sex.

Get A Shower Mat

The very first thing you want to do is get yourself a good shower mat. This is all one big slippery situation and you don’t want to leave anything to chance.

One wrong thrust and you can lose your footing in an instant. One or both of you will end up on the bathroom floor with blood gushing from your brand new head wounds.

Don’t let that happen. Get a good mat and make sure the fluids gushing are the ones you want.

Men Can Underperform

The thing that you absolutely have to keep in mind is that men might just not be able to keep it up in the shower. For one thing, he’s standing.

That sends the blood in the wrong direction. More importantly, the hot water will have something to say here. Hot water lowers blood pressure. Lower blood pressure once again means that it’s not going where it’s supposed to.

If it happens to you, don’t worry about it. Shower sex just isn’t going to be your thing. If a guy wants to surprise his woman he might want to try a solo outing first.

If you can beat your meat in the shower then you can probably beat the heat when it’s time for your sex partner to eat your meat.

Condoms And Showers

Another thing to keep in mind is that condoms and shower sex are never going to be a thing. The water is going to eat right through them. If they have spermicide on them, that’s also going to disappear. Does that mean you should either give up on shower sex or condoms?

No, it doesn’t mean that. Just make sure you don’t do any of your penetrating under the water. It will make the rest of the sex better, anyway. The water won’t be washing away any lubricating love juices down there.

Positions For Shower Sex

There’s no way around this. Any position that you use in the shower is going to be standing. That’s pretty much all you have for yourself. The easiest thing to do is for the woman to be in front and bent over.

The more flexible she is, the more penetration you can experience. If she can bend at the waist and touch the floor with her fingertips, you’re both in for a mind-blowing bang. The man can also try to lift her up and hold her against the wall for face to face sex. This really isn’t recommended, though.

It’s just too dangerous and no sex is worth a lifetime of paralysis after you both fall. If you want something other than vaginal sex, the shower is a great place to get your oral in. One partner gets on his or her knees and just goes to town on the other.

It can feel great for women and men can finally get a special fantasy fulfilled. If the woman is squeamish about taking a facial, just take it in the shower. You can wash off the protein shake right after it gets served up. If the woman wants to do something special but she’s unsure if her man is into giving facials, he is. There’s no question about it. He just is.

Now, one thing I should mention about positions and effort. You’re definitely going to be burning a lot of calories if you’re smashing in the shower!

Get Really Anal About It

This is also the perfect time to try some anal sex. All it takes is bending over and giving it to her. You can use some non-water-soluble lube if you want, but it honestly shouldn’t even be necessary. Just get her nice and slippery the usual way you do it in the shower and the rest will take care of itself.

This is also another solution for the condom problem if you’re using them to prevent pregnancy and not an STD. Just remember this helpful rhyme:

Jizz in her fudge piper and you’ll never change a diaper… 

Clean Up After Getting Down

Most of you have probably been imaging having sex in your own showers this whole time. That’s not going to be the case for everyone, though.

Just think about the young guy or girl who lives at home or in a dorm. Maybe you just like getting nasty at other people’s houses. All of that is fine. Just remember to clean up after yourself.

No one likes stepping in the shower and slipping on cum, especially when it’s not yours. Just hose the thing down a little before you leave the bathroom and you’ll be fine.

Try It Out

So, that’s everything you need to know about having sex in the shower. Now it’s up to you to try it out. Just remember to do it safely. Both you and your partner are probably already knuckle blasting yourselves when you’re alone in there. There’s no reason not to make it a family affair.

Bring your genitals together and just have a good time with it. If you want to have sex in some other places, consider doing it in a car, in an alley, in the kitchen, at a party, or hell, you could even try having sex in a bed.

The only thing holding you back from having a good time anywhere you want is you. Don’t be afraid to drop your drawers and drop a load. It’s your sex life. Enjoy it!

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