Things To Talk About On A First Date


A first date is mentally tough for both the sexes, even if it is just a bang and be done kind of date. If you are going to your first date unprepared, expect to experience a lot of awkward silence. You may get to talk a bit but if you don’t know what to talk about, your date will be nothing more than silence and occasional eye contact which is a bad sign for your future. If you can’t get her talking then there’s no way you’re going to get her to have sex with you. Trust me on that. If you want to avoid these circumstances and want your date to be as positive as possible, take out a sheet of paper and start jotting down things you want to talk about. Start by listing down questions you want to ask her. This will give you a list of topics that you can try and talk about on your first date.

things to talk about on a first date

The key here is to carry the conversation after you have asked a question. If you only ask a question and have nothing else to keep the conversation going within that topic, it will again end up in silence. Don’t do that. You’ll never get anywhere with that approach.

Questions You Can Ask On Your First Date

Ask your date these questions if you want to get to know her more…

Find out what makes her laugh
It’s okay to ask her what makes her laugh. Making a woman laugh is the sure shot way of getting into her pants. So start by asking her what makes her laugh a lot and then learn to make her laugh. Women love banging guys that can make them laugh. I don’t know why but they definitely do!

Ask her about her best friend (preferably male)
If she has a best male friend, you can ask her about what she likes about him. It doesn’t have to be a male but knowing what she thinks about another man can greatly help you in becoming someone she’ll like a lot. I know, it sounds a bit long term but I’m just saying, it’s important to know what she sees in guys and most likely if she’s got a best friend that’s a guy she has some good things to say about him. She will probably tell you a lot of things and from there on you can pick some points that you can fix in your own personality. Just make sure not to completely follow all the things she tells you otherwise you may become just her friend too. You’re not meeting her to make friends. You’re meeting her to hopefully have sex with her.

Ask her if she has a nickname
People have nicknames and there’s usually a funny story behind it. Make her talk about her nickname. If no one calls her by a nickname at home, at least her friends may have called her by a nickname in some point of her life. Go in details and listen to the entire story. She will probably enjoy telling you about her story and that will keep going things smooth for you. This should be enough to break the ice and keep some conversations going. You must remember that you’re not there to grill her on anything, you’re just trying to get to know her more. You’re not going to make a friend for any NSA fun if she thinks you’re treating her like this is an investigation! Keep it loose goose!

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