Naughty Date: All The Reasons Why This Isn’t A Good Hookup Website

When I think of the word “naughty,” it brings on an instant boner. However, the site Naughty Date is nothing but a tease and even a waste of money as well as time. You’ll find out exactly why I’m saying that after you read my review. I’ve broken down everything you need to know about the site and what they do to (all in A to Z fashion).

Naughty Date

Naughty Date Site Overview is one of many hookup sites that flood the internet and try to take advantage of lonely and horny singles looking for a no strings attached flings. From the time you first enter your information, an attempt is never made to provide a genuine connection. Sites like this are all smoke and mirrors. After investigating it, I realized that they only want your money and give nothing in return.

The Site Features (Lacking)

The features are about as basic as they come. It has a decent search engine, at best. A mail section, chat section, and an activity section that shows your interactions with other members. Too bad I never encountered any members that were real.

Signs of a Fraud

Fake profiles called Live Model Profiles.

In section 6 C of their terms agreement; they indicate that there are profiles on the site that are created by a third party called Live Model Profiles. They get paid for these profiles because they are considered promotional. Most of the women I contacted on the site turned out to be these fake profiles. I’m not even sure there are any real profiles here.

They admit to taking your pics and information.

In section 6 A of their terms agreement; you will see a paragraph about using your content for their purposes. This paragraph states that you are granting them the right to use all your pictures and information on any of their partner sites, all over the world. They are admitting that they are going to take your profile and use it as a fake profile on another site.

There are fake automated messages.

Part of their Live Model Profiles program are automated messages that are sent to you to make you think that a real person is contacting you. Your inbox floods with messages within minutes of signing up.

This is a sure sign that these messages are fake. Beware of these messages because they are there to promote other paid services. This is the first site I have seen that admits to sending fake messages several times in their terms.

SMS chat is an additional charge.

There is nothing worse than a site that claims to offer free access, but you are required to purchase a membership to use any services and you are charged even more to send SMS messages. These are not included in your membership terms.

What’s The Price

A trial membership on Naughty Date is available for 3 days, at $4.47. After the 3 days, you will automatically be charged the monthly cost of $34.99.

They offer discounted packages for 3 months at $59.96 and 6 months at $95.94. Caution: All subscriptions are automatically renewed, and you must alert them 2 weeks before your next payment is due.

Conclusion: The Truth Is That Naughty Date Sucks! is so naughty. It’s a textbook fraud with so many red flags that there is no room for a genuine experience. This site is chock full of familiar tactics used by fraudulent dating sites and it is not likely that you will ever speak to a real person, much less hook up with anyone.

Even when you get a paid membership and pay for SMS messaging, you still must purchase something called Date Booster Packs that are supposed to grant you access to other dating sites on the network. After investigating this site, I would not trust this claim.

Now, I’m not going to leave you high and dry. That’s not my plan here today. What you need to know is that there are lots of other sites just like this but also sites that work like a charm. One that I trust and use is this “bang network” here.

Sites I suggest staying away from…

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