Places I Avoid When Going On Dates


There are certain places the I almost always avoid for any type of dates 99% of the time. I do make exceptions but for the most part, this is something that I simply cannot let slide. Whether you are trying to meet someone locally to bang or if you’re looking for something more steady, I would do your best to take my advice and avoid these places.

Date Places To Always Avoid

Date Places I Always Avoid

This is a short list of places I refuse to take dates for one reason or another. You’ll likely agree with me once you take a look at the list. If you have anything to add, feel free to email me suggestions.

McDonald’s and Burger King

I 100% refuse to meet any date at either of these fast food restaurants. If a girl asks me to meet them at one of these places, I’m calling the date off for sure. Chances are they are out of shape and just want a free shitty meal. No way am I contributing to your weight gain and sloth-ness whatsoever!

Ex Gfs Favorite Restaurant

One of the other places I never go is my ex-girlfriends favorite restaurant. Honestly, I’m not trying to impress anyone or be seen with a random girl. Instead, I’d rather meet some new chick, fuck her and call it a day! All without the drama of running into an ex of some sort.


Okay, I’m not very religious, but I’m not taking any woman to a church function. I just don’t feel right doing so if my intentions aren’t to marry her. It’s a personal weird gut feeling that I get, what can I say. I’m able to use dating apps to bang women but I won’t meet them at a church.

Her Family Outing

There’s absolutely no way that I’m going to meet someone at their family outing for the first time. I’m not there to meet and fuck the family, I just want to bang her. First-time family meet ups are for those willing to stick it out longer than one night.

My Favorite Bar

I never take girls to my regular bar spot. Reason being, if it goes south, I don’t need her coming back and spending all her time stalking me at my comfortable bar spot. She could easily blow up my spot any day of the week and I’m not having any of that. If I want to get drunk and hang with the guys, she might even fuck all that up for me. It’s not worth it at all!

Any of the date plans or places listed above are completely out of the question. I’ll avoid them at all costs and I think you should too. It will not help you get laid any quicker.

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