Reasons Why I Avoid Escorts Websites


I’ve been reading and seeing a lot of news lately covering escort websites. As you may or may not know, some of the biggest escort sites and personal ads have been shut down over the last week. I’m talking about Craigslist personals and

I wrote an article a while back covering all the bad things about Backpage (read it here) but I want to cover a more broad topic today and share why I suggest avoiding all escorts websites all the time.

I’ll do my best to keep this short and sweet so that you can spend your time finding ways to get laid. Here’s what you need to know should you foolishly decide to use one of these types of sites.

why to avoid escort sites

Six Reasons To Always Avoid Escort Sites

There are plenty of reasons why you should completely avoid using escort websites, including Craigdating, but I’m only covering the most important reasons right here, right now. There’s no need to go in-depth any further here other than what I’ve covered…


Yes, you read that accurately. There are plenty of girls publishing ads on escort classifieds and millions of suckers are getting diseases hooking up with them.

Heck, some of these girls have HIV and AIDS I bet. Do you know how scary that is and what can happen to your life if you get that disease? Do yourself a favor and avoid escorts unless you want a life-changing STD.


Many of the sloppy girls are selling their sex services to supply their awful drug habits. Lots of the girls on Backpage and other escort sites look like crackheads and heroin addicts. That’s not because they like the look, it’s because they do it and are addicted to the stuff.


Guess what, you will eventually get robbed if you connect with the wrong escort. They collect money and look for suckers like nerdy guys to prey on, overcharge, and even rob most of the time. As they say, a sucker is born every single day.

Legal Issues

Let’s assume that you hired the wrong girl. Instead, you opted to hire someone who disguised themselves as an escort but they’re really an undercover cop.

You end up getting arrested for soliciting a prostitute and that’s just the beginning of your problems. Plan on paying thousands for that one hour you were willing to pay for in that shady motel.


If you do work up the courage to hire an escort, chances are when it’s all said and done, you’re going to have so much regret that it’s insane. Trust me on this one. There’s nothing worse than regretting what you did.


Hookers are expensive and if you’re tight with your money or it’s something that you’re always thinking about, then this is sure to bother you.

Not to mention, it is just not worth the money at all, especially when you can get it so much cheaper – even free on a normal dating site!


To sum things up, I say right here, right now that I 100% do not use escort sites and I advise avoiding them. Instead, use a network like Instabang, where you can meet girls looking to have sex for fun and free – not for money. Read this page to see what I’m talking about – click this.


  1. You rip escorts apart.that’s not fair. It’s a job 2. And there is risk as you talk about.But u slammed all escorts pretty much dimming it a bad profession do you really feel that way

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