Reasons I Love Internet Dating Versus Traditional Dating


I’m no stranger to blind dates and meeting people offline. In fact, I’ve spent a great number of my days strictly going on blind dates and trying to pick up local girls hanging out at grunge bars and that didn’t do much good. I then graduated to Internet dating and it changed my dating life forever. Don’t worry, I’m not going to get super sentimental on you. I am going to tell you that I get more pussy than ever before these days and I love Internet dating more than I love anything in the entire world. I’ll share some reasons why I love it so much.

i love internet dating

Why I Love Internet Dating So Much

Here is a short list of the many reasons why I love Internet dating so much and why I consider it to be one of the best things ever invented.

1. I can do it at home in my underwear without having to worry about making myself look good.

2. It’s cheaper than going on a ton of dates with people you don’t give a fuck about.

3. I can easily avoid any ugly people and completely omit them from the equation.

4. The chances of getting laid are far greater than with traditional dating.

5. I no longer need any help from my friends.

6. I get to see the person I want to fuck naked before physically going on a date with them.

7. I generally don’t need to buy them dinner to convince them to have sex with me.

8. I get to familiarize myself with the best bars and hotels in the city.

9. I save money on birthday and holiday gifts all year long.

10. My circle of potential fuck buddies is 100 times larger than it previously was.

11. I can be honest with other adult dating members letting them know I just want a no strings attached date.

12. I don’t have to call people or talk to them after I fuck them.

13. My dating efficiency goes through the roof when using an online adult dating site.

14. No need to bring anyone home to mom and dad to meet the family.

15. I get laid literally every other day.

16. I don’t have to worry about getting sloppy seconds hooking up with girls that my buddies have banged.

17. No awkward sleepovers or morning breakfast dates as a courtesy.

18. I can message girls late night without feeling like a creep.

19. Girls work around my schedule to meet up instead of me trying to rearrange my life just for a date.

20. I’m still single and can fuck anyone I want, when I want and how I want, and I can find someone for sex almost anywhere in the world.

These are my main reasons for loving Internet dating and I’m pretty certain that you are going to agree with me on more than a couple of reasons here. Try out Instabang or any other dating site that offers your a chance to connect with someone just looking for sex. Heck, even a typical friends with benefits arrangement with someone that you’ve met through Internet dating is an experience you’ll want to try and will not forget.

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