What Does Friends With Benefits Mean?


Friends with benefits, also known as FWB, is a casual sexual relationship with the opposite sex which does not include any emotional commitment. Having friends with benefits is a dream come true for most people because they don’t have to get into any kind of emotional connection with the other person and it all just revolves around having casual sex. But if you are not careful, this kind of hook up relationship can be turned into a disaster.

friends with benefits

The Meaning Of Having Friends With Benefits

When you decide to get into ‘friends with benefits’ with someone, try to steer clear of the following:

Never Fall In Love

No matter what happens, do not start to fall in love with the person you are having this relationship with. That goes for especially if you’re using a dating site that caters to people that just want to bang. Falling in love with someone is more than just sex, it’s a whole different emotional connection and you simply don’t want to get into it if you are there just for casual sex.

Never Tell Your Friends About It

You don’t want to tell your friends that you are having a casual sexual only relationship with the person. What if your friends start liking the person you are just having sex with? This could get really bad for your friendship so make sure never to introduce this person to your friends or family.

Don’t Try To Go On Serious Dates

Avoid at all costs going on a “serious” date with the person you are having a “sex only” relationship. Remember when I said do not fall in love with them no matter what happens? If you start dating the person on the regular and you start spending a lot of time with them, an emotional connection will build up and feelings will start to blossom. They may want a long term relationship at that point. It happens every single time.

Don’t Talk About Anything Too Personal

Getting too personal with this special friend can result in one blossoming feeling of love and more. Try not to discuss any emotional and private stuff about your life. If you really want to talk to them, talk to them about sex. Your relationship with this person should only be limited to sex and your topic of discussion should also be limited to things that aren’t emotional.

Follow these pointers and you will definitely have a great time enjoying your friends with benefits relationship. But remember, this kind of relationship cannot last forever because the other person may one day fall in love with someone else.

And when that happens, your friends with benefits spree will probably end. So do yourself a favor, and open doors to a possible relationship with someone else while you experience this one. The other suggestion that I have for you is to just fuck and not get attached to anyone ever. That’s always worked pretty damn well for me!

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