Sex Bucket List: Top Spots To Bang Before You’re Old AF!


I’ve been known to do some off the wall stuff over the years. That same approach is definitely applicable to my hookup and casual sex life as well. When you’re young, you don’t really have much care in the world. Well, you, of course, care whether or not you’re getting laid but that’s about it. I typically prefer to live life to the fullest which is why I like to have sex at as many locations as possible.

To be blunt, the only thing that comes close to being as exciting as having sex with many willing horny women is having sex in multiple locations. If you are in a relationship, sex in different locations can help you maintain passion and spontaneity. If you’re single and using a dating network to meet people to bang, then setting “sex spot goals” is a way to get others excited about meeting you. Believe it or not, it actually makes you more appealing to some people out there.

Last but not least, a change of scenery will do more for your sex life than you realize. Here are 45 suggestions for anyone looking to hook up in a new place. Before you read the list, my final piece of advice would be to do yourself a favor and do these things while you’re young and have the energy to do so. Some of them may require more physical finesse than others.

places to bang before you die

Places To Bang Before Your Die!

The list is not in any particular order so don’t think you need to cross things off one by one. Instead, just do your best to tackle what appeals most to you.

1. In a seedy motel.
2. In a lavish or high-end hotel. Trust me, high-end hotel sex is the absolute best!
3. In a “haunted” hotel/house. (Be sure to tell her the story first)
4. Go to a park after hours.
5. In a parking garage, outside of your car.
6. At a bar or club, in the bathroom.
7. In a fancy restaurant bathroom.
8. In a fast food restaurant bathroom.
9. In a large library, outside of busy hours.
10. In an abandoned building.
11. Floating in a body of water.
12. Sneak off to another area of the house during a house party.
13. Hike to a secluded location with a great view.
14. In a cabin in the middle of the woods.
15. Zipped up in a sleeping bag together while camping.
16. On the mat during a game of nude Twister.
17. On a wrestling mat. Strip while wrestling. This one can get a bit kinky actually!
18. On a yoga mat during challenging positions. Can someone say downward doggy style, lol.
19. At an outdoor music festival. I did it at Austin City Limits last year. It was incredible.
20. In a party bus or back seat of a limousine.
21. At a pool party (in or out of the pool). The excitement of hiding it is almost overwhelming. You’ll notice that I didn’t say a jacuzzi or hot tub. Find out why right here.
22. Everyone needs to Netflix and chill sometimes.
23. In the back seat like you did when you were younger.
24. Sneak on to a football or baseball field late at night.
25. In an old theater or auditorium, on the stage.
26. At a friend’s wedding, pretty much anywhere you can duck away from the crowd.
27. On a small boat, in the middle of the water.
28. Mile-high sex in an airplane is always a good idea, but be very careful not to get caught.
29. On an island. I prefer the bahamas!
30. On your desk, in your office, after hours.
31. Everyone has fantasized about joining the Mile-High Club but what about in a private jet? Now that’s a baller move!
32. In the back of a pickup truck after a little off-roading.
33. In the back of a motorhome or RV while a friend is driving.
34. On a waterbed, if you can find someone who still has one.
35. Not afraid of heights, then how about doing it on the roof of a house or building.
36. On the roof of a car.
37. In the shower can be a challenge, but it’s amazing in the right position.
38. Anywhere outside of your hotel in a foreign country.
39. In a bunk bed, on top.
40. On a blanket in the middle of a huge empty field in some rural area.
41. At a professional sporting event. Yes, this one is super tough to pull off.
42. At a food and wine festival.
43. This one’s easy but in a swingers club.
44. In the bathroom or supply closet at your job!
45. In the back of a Taxi cab. You can try in a Lyft or Uber too, just be sure to tip them well.

I want to make it perfectly clear that if you decide to pursue any of these very achievable goals and you get caught, then you’re on your own. I’m sorry but I can’t be held responsible for you trying to bang someone in a crazy place. However, I’ll be the first one to say that you should definitely go for it! Looking to connect with someone willing to do it, then do so by joining this site today.

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