Sex Toys To Improve Your Online Dating Experience


If you’re already using the infamous Instabang dating website, then you know that things can get pretty damn wild! Well, sex toys can make that experience ten times more fun. If you’re into using sex toys already, then you know that they are a great way to spice things up in any long-term or casual relationship. It is one of the major game-changers of one’s sex life. You can use them to have some fun between you and your sex partner. If you are unsure on which toys you should introduce into your bedroom, I’m going to help you out. Just keep reading below.

sex toys for online dating

Awesome Sex Toys To Use When Dating Online

Here are my four favorite sex toys that I like to use in the bedroom. I let most of the girls I meet online know that I’m into toy action in the bedroom. It’s a game changer.

Jimmy Jane Form 2

There are many Jimmy Jane Form 2 models but Form 2 is definitely the best. It’s shaped like a bunny head and the Jimmy Jane Form 2 contains clitoral stimulators that are located between the ears of the toys. The stimulators are flexible and can be molded and squeezed according to personal preference. The best part is that there is no battery required! That means you don’t have to waste tons of money on batteries, which can become very expensive.

LeLo Tiani 3

LeLo Tiani 3 offers dual pressure. It is great for having sex with a hookup partner or by yourself. There are many functions of the LeLo Tiani 3 that make it stand out. For example, it functions as a vibrator for your clit and it delivers a ton of pleasure. I’ve had so many women cum all over this toy after only using it for a short period of time. The sexy toy is priced at $117.89, which isn’t bad considering a number of functions.

When you have intercourse with this sex toy, both you and your sex date will feel the vibrating sensations. You’ll be able to relax and get off without a doubt! Two things you can expect with this toy, cumming and having a blast with anyone you meet for sex. Don’t be afraid to bust this toy out with them. It works like a charm. Trust me!

Fun Toys G-Vibe

Great for first-time users, Fun Toys G-Vibe is the main contributor of G-spot orgasms. It works to stimulate the clit and does a kickass job of doing so. The toy has 6 vibration modes and has tips in the wings. It looks quite intimidating but the toy is a very easy to use sex toy and can work wonders for your sex life. Whether you want to use it during an online booty call or with someone you’ve been with for a long time, just go for it.

Wicked Aqua Collection

Wicked Aqua Collection is a lubricant for keeping things smooth. Sex is great but sex with lube gets even better. Wicked Aqua Collection delivers a very incredible experience and it is available in a range of flavors say Candy Apple, Salted Caramel, Vanilla Beans and more. These lubricants are tasty, fun and easy to clean. They are also long lasting and vegan-friendly. You can get the Wicked Aqua Collection lubes for only $9.12.

Sex without toys is boring. Incorporating sex toys makes the whole experience of hooking up that much better. While there is a range of toys available, there are always some that are better than the others. My favorite toys and their benefits have been listed above. Try one today.

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