Six Dating Tips To Improve Your Sex Life


Forget everything you know about dating and keep reading what we have to tell you. I’m about to share six dating tips that are going to improve your sex life. Dating is an essential part of life and one that you should be sure to put effort into. If you haven’t had any luck dating, then you definitely need to read this article. If you’ve had luck and you’re just not meeting the right people, then try using an online dating site that works. Here are 6 important pieces of advice that can help improve your sex life.

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Simple Tips For Dating That Can Help Your Sex Life

Here are a few tips that you can try and master if you want a better sex life. They aren’t life changing or anything like that. but they are helpful.

Advice You Should Ignore
If you’ve been told to make eye contact with a girl at a bar, ignore that and rather go up and say hi. Female dating blogger Hayley Quinn says that women love being approached and that’s exactly what you should do. Don’t waste your time doing anything other than that.

Be Keen
We’ve all heard that it isn’t important to be keen or act too keen but you should try to make sure you are not ignoring her. Be enthusiastic about what you want to ask and ask her to talk to you about what she wants. You’ve got to show interest and effort if you want to get anywhere with a woman. If you are too unclear about what you want, you might as well not hang out. Make it a habit to be mindful about what you are asking and always be sure that you show some sort of enthusiasm when you do it. Some girls get excited over the mere fact that

Make It Surprising
Conventional wisdom says that you should keep things simple on your first date but that is not true in this day and age. You should rather try to go for something that totally surprises your date. If you want to get laid, the date needs to be good. You have to do everything in your power to make sure that the person you are out with is enjoying them self. I’d say it’s best to typically avoid going to the movies or  doing anything that might sound too generic. For example, spend time going to a concert, out for martinis, visiting a museum or hitting the local pub or beer fest if there is one. Do something more exciting than just a boring movie.

Women Want You To Dance
People think that women like guys who can dance but that isn’t true. Let me tell you that I haven’t seen a sight scarier than that of a guy dancing that can’t dance for shit. You should make sure you can dance if you’re incorporating dancing into your typical date night. Whatever you do, don’t try and be like John Travolta in that shitty 80s dancing movie. Sometimes being able to dance better than your date can backfire, so choose your date activity wisely.

Just Be Nice
They say that girls like a guy who’ a bad ass. For the most part, I will say that bad boys do get laid more I think. However, guys can be nice and still get very good dates. The dating realm does not superficially revolve around guys who are bad. It’s possible to land a hot local slut even if you’re a nice guy. Some filthy girls get turned on by guys that are true gentlemen. How do I know? Well, I am one and it’s hard not to act like one. That said, I get laid more than you change your underwear.

Don’t Try Too Hard
Whenever you try too hard, it shows. Simple as that really. Do not try and do anything too much. In the event that you put forth extra effort, it’s going to either look very well or very bad on your behalf. Some girls think that guys that try too hard are desperate for pussy. You don’t want to be that guy!

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