Snapchat and Dating: What You Must Know!


If you’re a single human being with an iPhone living in any moderately populated location in America, then chances are you’re tried using Snapchat once or twice. If you have taken the time to try out Snapchat over the years, then you likely know that it can be both good and bad when it comes to dating. However, there are some good things about Snapchat even though many say completely avoid it when trying to hook up with people.

Don’t worry, I’m not here to convince you that Snapchat is the end all be all when it comes to dating. However, it can help you get laid if you play your cards right.

Now, if you mess up and do it all wrong. Forget about it! You’ll never get lucky using Snapchat if that happens.

What you need to know are the rules associated with Snapchat and dating online. I’ve laid them all out directly below. Be sure to pay close attention to them if you want to learn a thing or two about Snapchat sex.

Snapchat dating rules

Rules For Using Snapchat To Have Local Sex

Here are some of the rules which I’ve personally come up with over the years based on my experiences using Snapchat in order to have sex with local girls. I can safely say that anytime I’ve broken these rules, It’s led to something bad and by bad I mean me not getting laid.

Don’t Dick Snap Ever

If you want to find a sure fire way to never get anywhere using this app, then pull your dong out and snap it to everyone. Guess what, if you do that you’re literally committing a crime, so don’t!

I’ve never known anyone that’s sent a dick snap successfully and gotten laid from doing so. If you put forth the effort to send a creative Snapchat, it will go a lot further than simply just sending your dick swaying in the wind. Not to mention, most women hate getting dick pics so just the bullshit.

Clean Your Room

If you’re snapping in a filthy room or disgusting bedroom or bathroom then that’s going to turn the girl off completely. Make sure that you’re surroundings are clean and free from clutter. No one likes clutter and messy slobs. It reflects poorly on you and shows the type of character that you really are.

No Racial Remarks

If you want to get banned from Snapchat, then make a racial remark. If not, then don’t. Unless you’re trying to have sex with someone that’s into that type of thing, then I suggest keeping your race comments to yourself. I’ve seen and heard of people filing hate crimes over this type of activity so please don’t do it.

Always Snap Back

If you come across a girl that you really like, then it’s in your best interest to snap back at the girl. Either send a chat reply or a snap back to comment on their snap. This shows initiative and that you’re not just in it for the sex, even though you most definitely are!

Send Private Messages

If you want to make any progress here on Snapchat when it comes to dating then you’ve got to send private snaps to various girls out there. Be sure to put out as many leaders as you can out there. The more messages you send, the more likely you’re going to likely hook up.

Ask Questions

You want to ask the girls questions on Snapchat but don’t get too personal. Asking someone their social security or personal address is a bad way to start. Instead, keep things light and never too personal. Your job is to form some sort of a connection between yourself and the Snapchat user.

When All Else Fails, Use This

If you find yourself getting uber frustrated with the way that this Snapchat dating search is going, then you can always just opt for joining Instabang and snapping on their instead. It’s a closed circuit snap platform that leads to more sex anyway. That’s exactly what I would do and how I would do it versus the whole Snapchat approach anyway.

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