A Few Things Not To Say After You Bang A Girl


This article is straightforward covering what you need not say after banging a girl you met online. Don’t be an idiot, be smart and keep these things out of your mouth unless you want to get a bad name in the online dating community. Trust me, I’ve been around the block enough to know what’s acceptable and what’s not when it comes to saying things.

what not to say after banging

Whether on a one-night stand or a regular steady hookup, certain things should be left unsaid after banging. I’ve put together a list for you to follow. Do not make some of the mistakes that I made long ago. Instead, avoid saying these things.

don't say after you bang a girl

Don’t Say This After You Bang A Girl

This isn’t a full run down, but just the most important things that have bit me in the ass over the years.

Can I Borrow

Don’t ask to borrow anything from someone you’ve just banged, especially money. It makes you look like a full-blown idiot. I’d recommend not asking for anything other than another round of banging.

If you do, then you’re looking like a fool who cannot handle his own. Just don’t. Figure it out for yourself or expect to not bang again.

Too Much Teeth

Don’t tell your partner what you didn’t enjoy. If a girl uses too much teeth, for certain you don’t want to let her know. It’s going to make her never want to bang you again and maybe even talk about you online.

You’ve got flaws too, she’s just not making you vocally aware of them. If you bodly decide to voice your opinion, you are setting yourself up for failure. Trust me on this one.

Are You Clean

If you’re asking a casual sex partner if they’re clean after banging them, then you might already be in trouble. LOL!

Instead, if you’re going to ask for a copy of someone’s doctor’s checkup, then you should be extra careful to wear protection and ask before sex not after. After is too late and you look like an asshole if you ask after sex.

Do not be that guy…

Come On

Absolutely under no circumstances should you ask someone you’ve just banged if they came. If you have to ask, chances are you’re not confident enough for starters, nor did you do what you needed to do.

Whether your partner climaxed or not is none of your concern. Leave that to them or prepare for a disappointed answer.

How Many

Don’t ask someone how many people they’ve had sex with after you just did it. There are people in long relationships who have no idea how many people their partner has been with, let alone someone they bang that they met on a casual dating website.


Well, I wanted to keep this short and sweet, so I’ll stop there. So long as you follow my rules, you shouldn’t have any problem with banging local people you meet online.

If you’re looking to bang a girl and you’re sure you won’t ask silly questions like those that I’ve mentioned above, then use Instabang and meet a few who are likely just as horny as you and looking to smash.