How To Bang A Milf (The Steps To Take)


Milfs today are not the passive women that they once were. They want to bang young dudes 24/7. Older women are at a different level and you’ve got to understand how to handle them. This quick rundown should help get things better situated for your adventure. Here are some tips that you need to know if you want to eventually bang a milf or two living in your neighborhood. Trust me, I’ve had way too many people come to me for advice on how to fuck a milf, take the advice I give, and be super successful!

bang a milf

Tips To Know If You Want To Bang A Milf

This is a clear and concise set of tips to understand if you want to bang milfs every week.

Be Up Front

I’ll tell you what, I’ve never met a milf that didn’t appreciate a guy that was completely upfront with her. Some of these mature women will literally get wet once you present yourself as an open book.

Don’t be afraid to tell them that you’re just in it for the sex. Be as direct and specific as possible. Trust me, she’ll love you for it. Oh, and by “love you,” I mean she’ll suck you off as a reward.

Never Use Labels

If you want any shot at banging a cougar, then you’ve got to stop labeling them and your relationship. Never use the term cougar or milf in front of them. It makes you sound like a child. Instead, you should keep those terms and thoughts in your head only.

Again, never address a true cougar as a cougar. She might be the easiest mature slut on the planet, but if you start using slang terms she’s not happy with then you’re in trouble.

Don’t Bring Up Age

There’s nothing that you need to concern yourself with in terms of the gap in age between you and the milf or cougar. It’s like stating the obvious and it makes you sound like an idiot. Just leave that door shut and enjoy the moment.

Let Her Lead

The sex with any cougar or milf is going to be the best that you’ve ever had. I can promise you that without a doubt.

But what you don’t want to do is give her the impression that you’re in charge. Silly boy, leave the decision-making to the mature mommy ready to pounce on your dick.

Connect With Many

See the great thing about local milfs is that they don’t connect. When it comes to hooking up, these milfs are quiet as can be. Do yourself a favor and try to connect with as many as possible. You can do this by using the Instabang messaging system. It takes less than a few seconds to learn how to use it.

Conclusion: Message, Meet, Fuck

It’s a simple three-step process that you need to memorize. You’re going to want to message the milfs, meet them, and fuck them good. Do you think you can handle that simple process? Good! Now go find some mature booty to stick your cock inside!

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