Hot Tub Sex Facts Before Banging In The Water


If you’re down with using casual sex sites, then chances are you’ve banged at a hotel that has a hot tub. I’m sure you’ve wondered whether or not doing “it” in a hot jacuzzi is a good idea. After all, there are a ton of reasons why jacuzzies are synonymous with hookup fun.

I mean, who doesn’t appreciate a pool party with hot girls and a large hot tub? We all love it and the idea of having sex in a hot tub is freaking awesome. It’s a very relaxing and intimate setting. When you’re alone in a jacuzzi with some attractive person, things just click. The warm water and soothing jets make it seem like the perfect environment to have sex, but it’s in your best interest to get out before “bumping uglies.” Here are a few reasons why you should bang out of the tub and in the bedroom.

Hot Tub Sex

Why Having Hot Tub Sex Isn’t The Best Idea

Allow me to shed some light on things with regards to hooking up in any hot tub, whether it be personally owned or in a public setting. For starters, they are notorious for carrying a lot of bacteria that could give you an infection, among other things. I know, the last thing on your mind isn’t an infection, it’s busting a nut but act like an adult here for a second.

You’re not only in danger of getting an infection, you are at risk of getting someone pregnant. If you have sex with a girl in warm, chlorine filled water, you could get her pregnant, even if you’re wearing a condom. If you wear a condom in a jacuzzi, the chlorine effects the ability of the latex to keep sperm from escaping. Also, the chances of the condom coming off increases and you won’t be able to tell that it came off because of the water.

I know one thing is for sure and that is that I’m not trying to get any girl I meet online pregnant. That’s for damn sure! That would be the biggest dating mistake in the world. I’m all about getting a nut and that’s about it.

Another reason to avoid having sex in a hot tub, there is a good chance of getting an infection by simply sitting in a jacuzzi because of the bacteria present. You can only imagine how much your chances increase if you have sex in one and exchange bodily fluids.

One of the most common infections you can get from a hot tub sex is pseudomonas folliculitis, also known as hot tub rash. This infection is characterized by an area of the skin with red, itchy bumps. It’s a type of infection that goes away without treating it, but it is not something that you want on your sensitive sex organs. You also risk getting a yeast infection and don’t think you are safe because you’re a guy. Guys can get one just as easily as a girl can. If you and your lover get a yeast infection from doing it, do you think it will be worth it just for the feeling of smashing in warm, bubbling water? HELL NO!

While sex can be quite tempting because of the fun and sexy reputation of a warm tub, it’s not worth the risk of infection or pregnancy. You are putting yourself in enough risk by simply sitting in it, especially if it is at a party where a lot of people get in and out of it over the course of a night. You don’t necessarily have to go the traditional route and have sex in the bedroom. Just try to choose a place where both of you aren’t submerged in warm, potentially harmful bacteria filled water.

That’s my two cents on the issue. Now if you do decide to bang some random girl you meet online and you knock her up, just know that the hot tub time machine isn’t going to work!