Where to Bring Your First Date You Met Online?


Pretty much everyone thinks of some variation of the movie and dinner combination of a first date schedule. But if you really want to get to know her and maybe make an impression, then you might want to employ your creative juices to flow a little and figure out what suits you two the best to carve a simple yet intelligent plan to make it a memorable time spent together.  It doesn’t matter if you met at Whole Foods or if you met on an online dating site like this one, you need to think outside the box and create an experience that will be engaging for both parties.

What is a Great First Date Location?

The possibilities are endless. Has there been some adventure activity that the two of you have been planning to take on, go on it together. Para-gliding? Glide along with the lady. Scooba-diving? Dive along together, or swim with the dolphins. Wanted to go trekking? Book a tour and travel together. This would no doubt make the usual eat and watch a movie routine look real dull and blurry. It would no doubt have the adrenaline rushing and thus stimulating and encouraging both of you to make the most of your time together. It wouldn’t be something easy to replace or just forget.

Or if you want something closer to home then perhaps taking some sort of a class together would not be a bad idea. It could actually workout real nice for both of you. For instance, you two could sign up for a salsa dance class. It will turn up the heat by just the right amount and the two of you will get to play around each other in a very lively environment which will tickle your chemistry, and that only helps. The salsa is generally not very complicated but relatively an easy going style of dance which easily incorporates couples steps in beautiful harmony which is quite accommodating for beginners.

If you both have a knack for cooking then you could spice things up by attending a class together for some exotic cuisine which appeals to both of you. It would be advisable to check in before-hand of the sign up requirements so there isn’t any embarrassment of last minute change of plans upon arrival. Also check up on the venue earlier so you do not waste any time hassling around trying to locate the venue. You want to come off as organized and responsible while keeping it casual at the same time, nobody likes a pushover.

Put on your planning hat and have a great time!

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