Eiffel Tower Sex Position


Have you heard of the Eiffel Tower? I’m sure you’ve heard of the tower in France, but have you heard of the sex position? If not, and you’re using networks like Instabang and Fling, then you NEED to know about this! It’s one of those things that comes up once in a lifetime for most if at all. So when the time is right, you best jump on it! Here’s what you need to know about the Eiffel Tower.

eiffel tower sex position

All About The Eiffel Tower Sex Position

In this day and age, all types of men are trying to advance their sexual experiences. There are a lot of exciting and interesting ways to add some kink to your life, and new positions are always a great start. An even better start is group sex dynamics, and one of the best are threesomes. In a two guy, one girl scenario, you have the potential to pull of the legendary Eiffel Tower sex position!

Be Prepared For a Legendary Night

This classic position requires both men to be on either side of a kneeling woman. The woman is the key here as she has to be an enthusiastic performer and have quite a bit of stamina.

On one end, she should have her lips wrapped around the man’s penis, engaged in an intense session of oral sex. The other man should be right behind her in the Doggystyle position, pounding her intensely.

The Eiffel is then completed by a high five! It really is that simple and is actually an incredibly fun and bonding experience for everyone involved. Even better, it gives you a chance to take really cool pictures of the act that you can keep immortalized forever. The Eiffel Tower is the move of legends!

eiffel tower sex

Pick The Right Partners

The most important part of this act is having willing and comfortable partners who know exactly what they are getting into and consent to the entire experience. Threesomes are a lot of fun but only for people with the correct mindset.

There is a lot of physical maneuvering of course, but there are emotional components that don’t make this as appealing to everyone. You need male partners who are comfortable together as well as a female partner who is willing to engage with both men.

These situations often lead to a lot of jealousy and can easily be construed into a disrespectful occurrence, so communication is really the most important thing. This is something that you want to go in prepared and on the same page as everyone involved.

Conclusion: A Great Time if You Do it Right

Sexuality is complex and ultimately what you want is for everyone to have a good connection and a good orgasm. This position features some physical strains as well as emotional ones, depending on who you do it with.

It’s great to have sexual experiences with those who you are close with in life but sometimes it’s easier to be adventurous with people you don’t know.

There are a lot of hookup and dating sites where people are looking specifically for this type of experience and that might be the better route for someone who’s interested in getting into new sexual experiences. The Eiffel Tower can be a lot of fun with the right people and the right attitude.

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