Getting Over A Hookup


Whether you’ve been hooking up only briefly or if you’ve been doing it all along, it’s def going to be tough to get over. In fact, getting over a breakup is never an easy thing to do. Those are for long term relationships, though. Things can get really complicated really quickly when the person you’re saying goodbye to is simply a hookup.

Yes – it happens – ALL THE TIME.

You start hooking up with someone just to have a little bit of fun. The sex is great and you really get along. That’s when you start feeling like you could be more together. The jealousy of seeing him or her with another person starts to burn into you.

You tell them that you want your relationship to become more. They say no. Now you’re heartbroken and you feel like you have no right to be. That’s where the real complication comes in.

She (or he) was just a hookup and they did nothing wrong. They simply held true to your relationship. Now you have to get over it and here’s how you do it. This article will help you get past everything.

Get Over A Hookup

Get Over A Hookup Quickly

These things are in no specific order. They just must all be considered when trying to get over a hookup.

Clean The Slate

The first thing you want to do is cut yourself off from the person. This isn’t a girlfriend or boyfriend. This is just someone you had sex with. You never want to be that person. You never want them to think of you in that way. Sure, you asked for more and they said no. It’s really that simple.

Go through all of your social media and delete their contacts. Delete all of the messages. Never give in to your desire to message (or send emojis). Never call for the sex that you love so much. It won’t end well and you’ll just reignite your feelings. Please, do not do that.

Build Your Confidence

Now it’s time for you to start rebuilding your confidence. It’s no doubt taken a massive hit by this rejection. Lots of people like to start with a new haircut. Others prefer to binge-watch TV and eat a lot of ice cream until they realize they can do anything that they want.

Investing in a brand new sex toy might not be a bad idea. If you can manage to make yourself feel just as good as this person made you feel then you can come out as the clear winner.

There’s no need for your hookup buddy when you can get all of the things offered by yourself or even better, by someone else on Instabang! They’re the one who’s missing out now that you’re a certified sex guru.

Get Back Out There

Now it’s time to hit the scene again. Masturbation is only going to get you so far. Sign up for a good hook up site (the one mentioned above) and show everyone what you have to offer them. It won’t hurt to focus on the younger people for a while.

Show yourself that you’re still just as desirable and you’ll never have to spend another second thinking about what’s his name. Move on and have some mind-blowing sex with as many guys as you want. Do a little experiment with a few others as well.

Experience everything that you missed out on while you were limiting yourself to only banging one person. In other words, take action, get out there and start to date and make things happen, simple as that! Looking for some step by step advice? No problem…here’s some info for you in this article.

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