Who Is Jenna Shea And What Makes Her So Amazing?


I’m likely one of the many that absolutely loves using Instagram and Snapchat. My guess is that you’re a huge fan too. Now, if you’re using these types of social sites, then chances are you’re on the hunt for some escort type girls that might be on the scene. Honestly, there might not be any better booty out there that can compete with Jenna Shea.

If you’re horny and looking to do something about it, then you’re not going to find a better person to call up than the infamous Jenna Shea. I’m going to give you every reason why too because she’s the absolute bomb!

Jenna Shea Escort

Why Jenna Shea Is The Ultimate Babe To Bang

This girl has been all over the world relieving men of their stress and she’s always available to do the same exact thing for you. That’s at least what I gathered from things during my researching.
I’m not talking about your garden-variety hook up here either. Jenna has been connected to actors and football players for years. There’s a very good reason for that:

She’s just that good in bed.

However, if I had to take a wild guess she’s going to run you quite a bit of money. Trust me, she’s going to be worth every single cent. You’re never going to look back once you find yourself in her company. If you’ve not seen her twerking videos, then you’ve not lived. Let’s just leave it at that.

She knows exactly what she’s doing and she’s spent more than enough time honing her craft. Jenna Shea has gotten her entire body to the point where it practically exists only as a means of bringing other people pleasure. No matter what you want to get out of her, she’s going to be more than willing to provide it to you. She’ll do it with a massive smile on her face because she knows that your pleasure always boils down to the amount of effort that she’s putting into it.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Jenna Shea is the best lay money can buy.

Perfect Booty (Not A 10, But An 11)

It doesn’t matter what your favorite body part is because all of hers are perfect. She has a perfect ass and she loves to flaunt it whenever she can. One simple search online will bring you to plenty of videos where she claps her cheeks together with nothing but the force of her twerk. She’s an expert at showing herself off and you can see her pretty much anywhere.

If tits happen to be your thing, then have no fear. Her boobs are amazing and she never lets them stay covered up for too long. I’m all for airing those puppies out 24/7 too! Once you get her in your bedroom, you’re going to be treated to a firsthand look at one of the best bodies in the world.

Jenna Shea lingerie

The best part…

It will be yours to do with as you please. No matter what you like, she’s already done it enough times to know how to do it right. She’s never let anyone down and the people she escorts always end up coming back for more.

You’ll never be able to stop after just one bang, so it’s much easier to admit to yourself that you’re going to be hooked for life the second she peels her clothes off.

There’s no denying the fact that she’s going to cost you quite a bit of money, but that’s perfectly okay. Jenna is top shelf booty and she’s going to show you everything that you’ve always wanted to experience.

Like I said earlier, Jenna Shea knows just the right ways to touch you and she won’t stop until you’re completely satisfied and drifting off to a well-deserved nap. Once you put yourself in her capable hands, you’ll know exactly how good your body can feel. She’s got every single fantasy of yours covered and she’ll never disappoint you in any way.

Now, I’ve got some bad news for you. Not everyone can afford to pay Jenna Shea for a good time. Unless you’re a wrapper or celeb, you’ll likely be unable to pay her the going rate. However, there are girls that use this network here that look almost identical to Jeena. No lie, I’m casually banging one these days myself. If you’d prefer to continue to date ugly chicks, then you can do that too. The choice is yours as there is something for everyone here!

The Simplest Online Bootycall Date Checklist


I’m not going to beat around the bush here. I love having a nice bootycall from time to time. It’s one of those things that simply makes me feel absolutely incredible. I want you to be successful too. That’s why I created an incredible checklist to help you better understand what you need to be successful when it comes to having an online bootycall.

online bootycall checklist

Simple Bootycall Checklist For Success

This checklist is simple and easy to understand. You’ll have much better booty call chances of closing the deal if you do all of these things.

Fresh Underwear
Look, you need to wear fresh underwear if you want to increase your chance of getting lucky. I’ve spent a great amount of time testing this and I can honestly say that when I wore fresh new underwear I got laid more. I know it sounds strange. Why on earth would some girl care what kind of underwear I was wearing? Well, the truth is that most women pay close attention to details and if you’re wearing old stained underwear then she’s going to think you’re not clean. I always suggest that you keep a fresh pair of new underwear in your glove compartment.

Cash Money
I always carry cash around. I keep a solid hundred dollars on my person at all times. The reason I do this is because I want to be able to buy a girl drinks or dinner at all times. Women don’t like guys that don’t have money. They think they are losers and if you want to appear to be like one of those losers then look broke. However, if you want to get pussy, then carry cash around!

Credit Cards
You need to carry around a spare credit card as well. Some women like to go to nice hotel rooms to have sex versus going to your apartment or house. I have gotten so damn lucky that I’ve had my credit card on me at certain times. It takes more effort to not carry your CC then to just keep it on your at all times. Just do yourself a favor and keep it close and on you always.

Do you want to get lucky? Then you need to carry condoms on you. If you are using Instabang via an app or the website, then you need to carry condoms on you. You never know when you are going to get the chance to fuck a girl. When you get that chance, if you don’t have protection you’re either putting yourself at risk or you’re not getting laid.

Mobile Phone
I always carry a fully juiced smartphone on me. I also keep an extra battery on me as well. For one, I’m using a dating website and it’s no secret that you need power in order to utilize the dating app. You don’t want to be knee deep in a conversation ready to get asked to meet up and have your phone die. That’s just terrible.

That’s a short but sweet bootycall checklist that’s going to help increase your chances of banging a girl you meet online.