How To Delete Your Instabang Account


Summary: This article explains how to delete your Instabang account. If you’re looking for information on how to both cancel and delete your account, then this is the article for you. Keep on reading for more information…


Now, I cannot for a single second think why someone would want to do this, but nevertheless, I need to share information with you regardless of whether I agree with it or not. Today I’m going to share the exact steps that you need to take should you care to cancel your Instabang account.

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Having spent most of my time using the Instabang dating site, I cannot for the life of me think as to why on Earth anyone would cancel their account. If it’s not broken, then why fix it. That’s simply my philosophy and it works like a charm. Now that I got that out of the way, it’s still my duty to share everything I know about Instbang, down to canceling and deleting your membership. Simple as that and I’ll do it.

Steps For Canceling and Deleting Your Instabang Account

Here’s exactly what you need to do if you really want to cancel your Insta bang dating membership. This dating network does everything you could possibly think of to share what you need to know about using the website.

There are some simple rules to canceling your membership. If you’re a paid member with silver or gold status, then you must give the website a 24 hour notice if you wish to cancel your account. What that means is you cannot expect your cancellation to take place within 24 hours of your renewal then the cancellation will take place in the next billing period.

Please be sure to give them 24 hours notice minimum if you truly wish to cancel. If you check out the homepage you’ll notice how I speak so highly of the customer support team.

Exact Steps To Cancel/Delete

If you’re looking to cancel your instabang account, here’s what you need to do.

  • First thing you need to do is log into your account.
  • Then, you need to click on your photo or the company logo at the top of the website. ]
  • You’ll then need to click on the dropdown link called Account Settings.
  • This should redirect you to another page where you’ll see a checkbox and text that states “Make My Profile Inactive.” This will confirm that your account has officially been named inactive.

That’s all you need to do in order to make your account inactive. Now it’s time to cancel your membership. Doing so really couldn’t be any easier.

When it comes to canceling your paid membership, all you’ll need to so is contact customer support. That’s the way that most people cancel their billing. You can either reach out to the customer support department or you can contact the billing company that’s in charge of processing your credit card. More than likely, the processing is going through CCBill, Segpay, or Epoch.

If you’ve used any of those, then check things out below:

suport url:

That’s all you need to do and trust me, you’ll likely NEVER need to do that considering the dating site works better than any that I’ve used.

Step By Step Tips For Online Hookup Success


In the age of technology; the primary method of hooking up has become online dating sites. There are many standard dating sites out there, but there are also a lot of niche sites that promote casual sex. Singles can go to these sites and find people to hook up with without worrying about being tied down and the goal is no strings attached sex. Finding a hookup in this environment can be easy or it can be hard depending on how you approach it. Here are some techniques to help you be successful in hooking up online.

hookup success tips

Hookup Success Tips That I Consider Must-Knows

Find Your Niche – Hookup sites are technically a niche, but there are many hookup sites that have a particular niche that they cater to. If you use a casual dating site that is exclusive to people with certain interests or characteristics, then you will narrow down the playing field quite a bit. Some niches involve ethnicity, location, interests, and even certain fetishes. Sites like this help you make a more concentrated effort to find like-minded people for effortless hookups.

Be Confident, Not Cocky – One of the major necessities when approaching any dating platform is confidence. That doesn’t mean you should be a cocky asshole. Confidence is very different from being cocky and you should realize the difference before you look for a sex date. Women are attracted to confident guys and I would even go as far as to say that it matters even more than looks. Be comfortable in your own skin and know your worth and she is likely to pick up on that.

Slow Your Role – Just because both parties know what you are there for, you should still use some discretion and not rush into any sexual situation (unless she shows that she wants to move fast). If you try to rush things, you could come off as desperate and harm your chances of getting laid. Women don’t like to be pushed into any situation and you will only serve to push her away. Gauge her reactions to your flirting and go at her pace.

Try Some Sex Chat – In an effort to keep things at a pace that is comfortable for her, you can get a little sexual on chat before you meet her in person. This will show that you have the charm and sensuality to turn her on and she will be comfortable to be a little more sexually aggressive than she would be in person. It also allows you to build anticipation which will make your inevitable sexual encounter that much sweeter.

The Meeting – After some chatting and gauging her interests, you can begin suggesting a face to face meeting. Try to confine your meeting to a public place. The more comfortable and safe she feels with you, the more she will let go of her inhibitions. It’s very important to have no expectations going in. Your next move should always depend on her reaction to your affections. Go at her pace and you will get much farther.