Gift Ideas For Hookup and Casual Relationships


Casual relationships can be quite confusing at times. If you have ever started dating someone and you’ve been hooking up with them occasionally, circumstances can arise where you don’t know where you may need to buy that person a gift. On a certain occasion like a birthday or a holiday, you know how challenging it can be to choose the right gift to give this person.

You don’t want to give them something too expensive or significant or you could send the wrong message that you are either trying too hard, showing off, or you are becoming too eager. You don’t want to give them something too cheap either, or you could send the wrong message that you don’t care or you’re not interested enough to go out and get a decent gift. I’ve tried to help here by removing the thought process and giving you an idea of what you need to know.

casual dating gifts

Gift Ideas For Casual Relationships and Hookups

Here are some of the best gifts to give early in the relationship, assuming that you’re keeping things casual and just hook up related. Please note, these only apply to real casual relationships, not any NSA encounters and definitely not any stupid Backpage meetups (which I’d avoid if I were you)…

First Date Gift

Never make a big deal out of any occasion on your first date. This will scare her off immediately. The most you should do is insist on paying for dinner and drinks when you go out. Be sure the dinner is not too fancy and expensive. Take her to a modestly priced restaurant. If you hit it off, you can take her somewhere nicer on your second date.

Show Her You Really Like Her

The earliest that you should start giving gifts is the third date. Don’t get carried away just yet. Keep it small. If she likes flowers, get her a few flowers. If she likes movies, pick up a new release for her on Blu-ray. Don’t give her flowers if you meet her somewhere for a date. You don’t want to make her carry them around or take them back to her car. Give her flowers if you pick her up from home or from work.

It’s Time To Charm

Beyond the third date, you can start thinking about getting her a creative and somewhat thoughtful gift, but be sure it’s not too expensive. Take her to a local shopping center and buy a souvenir for her. Don’t buy her an expensive dress or anything like that. Make sure it’s something small and fun.

Time To Woo Her

When you reach five or six dates, it’s okay to start showing her more affection in the gifts that you give her, depending on how well you’re getting along. Send the traditional flowers to her work or get creative with many internet companies that deliver romantic gifts. If things continue to go well in your relationship, you can start giving her more elaborate gifts on special occasions. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive, but it should be something that shows you know her and pays attention to her.

Time To Just Bang

Now, gift giving is always a plus, but some girls just want the simple gift of orgasming and that type of horny girl is pretty easy to find on Instabang. There’s a reason that so many of these beautiful women use this dating network to meet people for sex. You should do the same and see where it takes you!

Reasons To Avoid Backpage Dating


I’ve been known to try things that most people would never do. One of those things is using Backpage to try and meet people for sex. I’m going to be totally upfront with you here and tell you exactly why you should avoid using Backpage for anything hook up or sex related. Trust me, I’ve done lots of things that I regret in the past and one of the main things that I do now is I completely avoid at all costs. Find out why it’s the worst dating site on this planet.

backpage dating

Main Reasons Why Backpage Is Horrible

I’ll keep this short and sweet. There are a few simple reasons why this classifieds site totally sucks for dating and why I’ll never use it again. Using one was one of the biggest dating mistakes I’ve made to date. Take it from me as it’s not going to help improve your sex life one bit. In fact, it may even get you into some trouble if you’re not careful. Here’s what you need to know…

Most Ads Are Fake

I’m not kidding when I say that majority of the ads on Backpage are completely fake. The site looks like it’s filled with horny local women looking for sex but the truth is that 99% of these girls are not even real. Escort agencies steal photos off of people’s social media accounts and they use them to place ads on the site.

What does this mean? Well, simply put, it means that you’re going to be meeting someone that’s completely different from the ad that you’ve just clicked on.

To top things off, most of the women don’t even respond to the text messages or emails that you send to them. Some of the profiles even redirect you to crappy dating websites that don’t work at all. It’s all one big scam if I’ve ever seen one!

Huge Legal Issues

One thing that you need to know is that it’s not okay to hire someone to have sex with you for money. It can get you into big legal trouble. Now, sites like Backpage have listings of girls online which are showing themselves being available for certain services for a specific amount of money. Hiring them can get you arrested and police officers may even pose on the site as escorts to trick you into this type of thing.

Backpage doesn’t assume any risk for this type of thing and it’s totally your fault if you get arrested for doing something you shouldn’t have done. If you want legal issues, then use it. I suggest not doing so!

Age and Person Verification

The Backpage site doesn’t do anything to verify the age of users on their website nor do they do anything to verify that someone is who they are posting as. This poses safety and security issues that you need to take into consideration.

You might think that you’re meeting some hot college girl yet you end up going to a house and getting robbed because you didn’t do your homework on checking the person out! That’s why I like using exclusive dating networks like Instabang versus these classified columns. They have customer support and a team of people that verify users identity. This helps keep all parties safer.

The bottom line is that I will never recommend anyone to use Backpage to hook up with someone. It’s perhaps the worst idea possible. Do yourself a favor and avoid it at all costs!

Hot Tub Sex Facts Before Banging In The Water


If you’re down with using casual sex sites, then chances are you’ve banged at a hotel that has a hot tub. I’m sure you’ve wondered whether or not doing “it” in a hot jacuzzi is a good idea. After all, there are a ton of reasons why jacuzzies are synonymous with hookup fun.

I mean, who doesn’t appreciate a pool party with hot girls and a large hot tub? We all love it and the idea of having sex in a hot tub is freaking awesome. It’s a very relaxing and intimate setting. When you’re alone in a jacuzzi with some attractive person, things just click. The warm water and soothing jets make it seem like the perfect environment to have sex, but it’s in your best interest to get out before “bumping uglies.” Here are a few reasons why you should bang out of the tub and in the bedroom.

Hot Tub Sex

Why Having Hot Tub Sex Isn’t The Best Idea

Allow me to shed some light on things with regards to hooking up in any hot tub, whether it be personally owned or in a public setting. For starters, they are notorious for carrying a lot of bacteria that could give you an infection, among other things. I know, the last thing on your mind isn’t an infection, it’s busting a nut but act like an adult here for a second.

You’re not only in danger of getting an infection, you are at risk of getting someone pregnant. If you have sex with a girl in warm, chlorine filled water, you could get her pregnant, even if you’re wearing a condom. If you wear a condom in a jacuzzi, the chlorine effects the ability of the latex to keep sperm from escaping. Also, the chances of the condom coming off increases and you won’t be able to tell that it came off because of the water.

I know one thing is for sure and that is that I’m not trying to get any girl I meet online pregnant. That’s for damn sure! That would be the biggest dating mistake in the world. I’m all about getting a nut and that’s about it.

Another reason to avoid having sex in a hot tub, there is a good chance of getting an infection by simply sitting in a jacuzzi because of the bacteria present. You can only imagine how much your chances increase if you have sex in one and exchange bodily fluids.

One of the most common infections you can get from a hot tub sex is pseudomonas folliculitis, also known as hot tub rash. This infection is characterized by an area of the skin with red, itchy bumps. It’s a type of infection that goes away without treating it, but it is not something that you want on your sensitive sex organs. You also risk getting a yeast infection and don’t think you are safe because you’re a guy. Guys can get one just as easily as a girl can. If you and your lover get a yeast infection from doing it, do you think it will be worth it just for the feeling of smashing in warm, bubbling water? HELL NO!

While sex can be quite tempting because of the fun and sexy reputation of a warm tub, it’s not worth the risk of infection or pregnancy. You are putting yourself in enough risk by simply sitting in it, especially if it is at a party where a lot of people get in and out of it over the course of a night. You don’t necessarily have to go the traditional route and have sex in the bedroom. Just try to choose a place where both of you aren’t submerged in warm, potentially harmful bacteria filled water.

That’s my two cents on the issue. Now if you do decide to bang some random girl you meet online and you knock her up, just know that the hot tub time machine isn’t going to work!

Some Simple Things Women Want During Sex


Have you been banging girls lately? If so, are you giving them exactly what they want? If you’re seeing signs that she wants to bang you and you’re doing it wrong, then you’re in big trouble pal. The good news is that some women are not afraid to tell you what it is that they want in bed, but most will not. Most of them are pretty much hoping that you will figure it out so they won’t be embarrassed asking. You should always experiment and try new things with her, but make sure she likes what you’re doing.

Your objective is quite simple when it comes to casual dating. Meet someone online that you’re attracted to. Go on a date. Get them to a hotel room or back to your place. Bump uglies with them and do it to the point of them having an intense orgasm, and be on your merry way. If you pay attention to her body and reactions, she will guide you and you’ll win every time. To please a girlin bed, be sure to do the following things. She may not ask for it so it’s a trial and error type run that you’ll have to make.

What Women Want In Bed

Things She Wants During Sex But Won’t Ask For

It’s your job as the guy to sniff these things out and take some action so do it and do it. Here’s what you need to know…

1. Slowly build her arousal – Always go as slow as possible and build intensity with anticipation. The slower you build her arousal, the more intense it will get.

2. Talk dirty to her – Don’t be afraid to tell her how good it feels to be inside her. Tell her how great her pussy tastes. She is much more likely to become aroused than embarrassed so go for it.

3. Let your fingers wander during sex – Fingering doesn’t have to be confined to foreplay. If you let them wander while you are penetrating her, it will drive her arousal up farther. For instance, stimulating her clit with your fingers while penetrating her from behind.

4. Get as freaky as she wants to be – If she wants to get kinky, go along with her. When she lets loose and opens up sexually, that means that she trusts you and feels comfortable to let go of her inhibitions.

5. Remove her clothes slow – Aside from an occasional moment of burning passion, you should avoid tearing her clothes off and getting her nude immediately. Slide her clothes off her body one article at a time.

6. Other positions besides missionary – One thing that will give her more pleasure and help you prolong your lovemaking is switching positions. The more you switch positions, the more likely you will be to hit a spot that gives her ultimate gratification.

7. Oral sex is a must – Go down on her before you penetrate her and stay there until she has an orgasm. After her 1st orgasm, her 2nd orgasm is easier to achieve, and you are more likely to give her another while you’re inside her.

8. Try to extend the lovemaking – If you feel yourself coming close to orgasm while inside her; slow down or even pull out until your arousal scale comes down a bit. The longer you prolong the lovemaking, the more likely you will give her another orgasm.

9. A lot of eye contact – Look her right in the eye as you slide deep inside her and it will drive her arousal through the roof. In fact, it will be so high that she could start having a trembling orgasm right there. It’s very likely that this happens if you’re going down on her the right way. Trust me, I know it first hand. I’ve done it many times to local college girls I’ve banged.

10. Tease her – When she gets near her peak arousal during oral sex or penetration, pull back or slow down to build anticipation. Taking her up and down her arousal scale gives her much more intense orgasms.

Well, that’s about all that I’ve got for you with regards to this topic. If you’re still having trouble identifying what women want in bed, then you need to just practice more.

Tips On How To Ask Her Out Like A Boss


If you don’t know how to ask out a girl, then you’re in a tough spot, no doubt about that! Some guys seem to know just what to say to the ladies to get a “yes” out of them. However, not all of us can be that lucky. If you make the right moves, you don’t need luck. The truth of the matter is that there is no magical formula. Nothing works every single time, but there are ways to increase your chances of getting a resounding “yes” out of a local horny girl. Here are some tips on how to ask a girl out, even if you aren’t a smooth ladies man. Trust me, if you take the time to read this post, there’s a good chance you might actually get lucky in the future.

How To Ask A Girl Out

How To Ask A Girl Out Like A Champ That Closes Deals

Here is everything that I truly believe you need to know if you wish to be able to ask girls out like a boss and get laid more than most. Now, it helps that you’re using the infamous Instabang network to accomplish your goals. Nevertheless, be sure to read this because you’re going to need it.

Pace Yourself
Avoid thinking about the future when you ask her out. Think about right now and getting a yes without assumptions and aspirations that can bog you down.

Don’t Call It A Date
Mentioning the word “date” makes everything too official and it could put undue pressure on both of you. You’re asking to get to know her and nothing more.

Avoid The Friend Zone
Don’t mention the word date, but don’t treat it like friends hanging out together either. Asking her out to dinner, a movie or dancing makes it clear that it’s a date.

Remain Confident
One thing that attracts women more than any other is confidence. If you are comfortable in your own skin, it will show when you approach her and she will respond positively.

Be The Best You
Don’t try to be something you’re not to get a girl. Be yourself, but be the best dressed, most charming, and witty version of yourself you can be.

Know You’re Getting A Yes
This can go hand in hand with confidence. If you assume she’s going to say no, that’s exactly what she’ll say. If you want a YES, picture it and make it so.

Don’t Fall Apart
No matter how much you picture her saying yes, it’s not the end of the world if she doesn’t. Accept a no, keep your confidence intact, and don’t sacrifice your dignity.

Forget All The Women Before
Many guys and girls seem to carry resentment around from how they’ve been treated in the past. She is not your ex, so don’t assume that she is going to do the same thing that she did.

Avoid Alcohol
Too many guys resort to drinking to let go of their inhibitions and gain confidence, but you don’t use your best judgment or charm when you’re buzzed.

Remain Calm AF When You Get A Yes
Don’t freak out and get overly excited if you get a yes. She will go from looking at you as a sweet and charming guy to looking at you as desperate and needy.

Don’t Hesitate
If you see a girl you’re attracted to, ask her out. Don’t stand around and think about it or you’ll overthink it and miss your moment. Go for it!

That’s literally the best tips that I’ve got for you related to attracting girls and asking them out like a boss and getting them to bang you.

What To Wear At The Gym


I’m a huge advocate for working out on the regular. In fact, if you’re not hitting the weights and cardio a few times a week then you’re not top notch in my book. Now, if you go to the gym regularly, you know that some guys seem to know exactly what to wear. On the other hand, other guys are utterly clueless. They look like they’ve been working out in their basement since the 1980’s.

Sure, you don’t have to wear the latest style in gym attire to look attractive to women when you’re working out. However, if you want women to notice you or at least look good enough that they’re not turned off then keep reading. You must have a decent idea as to what not to wear. Here are some tips on what women want you to wear and what you should avoid wearing in the gym.

Full disclosure: I workout in a pretty upscale gym so in order to compete, I need to wear halfway decent gym attire. If not, I wouldn’t be scoring any women in my area.

What To Wear At The Gym To Impress Women

Not Like This Douchebag!

Tips on What To Wear At The Gym If You Want To Impress Girls

I’ll kick things off by going over exactly what you should not be wearing. If you can get past this, then that should be a solid start, to say the least!

What Not To Wear At The Gym…

Shoes – It’s understood that you shouldn’t wear boots, dress shoes, or sandals. No matter what gym shoes you wear; do not wear them loose with the tongue out or with long strings because they look bad and are potentially dangerous.

Socks – This one should be obvious. Don’t wear socks that are dirty, too long, or too loose. Knee socks are okay but they can look a little gaudy. It’s difficult to keep them over your calves during a workout and they bunch up around your ankles. Definitely, don’t wear dress socks. You’ll look like a total asshole if you do!

Shorts/Pants – Size is important when you are choosing the right bottoms to wear to the gym. Avoid wearing shorts that are too short, too long, or too loose. The worst thing you can wear is short shorts that are loose because you reveal things that women aren’t prepared to see.

Shirts – Do not wear a shirt that hugs your body, but don’t wear one that is over-sized either. Muscle shirts are okay, but I suggest a t-shirt with sleeves. Muscle shirts make some guys look like a macho jock or like they are trying to show off. Something that is never attractive at the gym.

Headphones – Let’s get something straight. No one wants to see your Beats by Dre studio headphones looking like you’re an air traffic controller while you work out.

Here’s What You Should Be Wearing…

Decent Kicks – You don’t have to wear anything fancy or stylish. Your gym shoes should be relatively clean, comfortable, in decent shape, fully laced, and snug without being tight.

Low Cut Socks – Ankle socks are the best and there are plenty sports socks that are not that expensive. Wear socks that are snug and, when they become loose or dirty, don’t wear them to the gym.

Dri-fit Shorts – Workout shorts are preferable because the fabric breathes and stretches when you exercise. They should come about half way down your thigh so they are not too short, but don’t go over your knees.

Dri-Fit Tees – T-shirts are good whether they are new or old. If you have a favorite t-shirt that looks and feels good on you, wear it until you can’t wear it anymore. Old t-shirts still look good as long as they are not dirty or have holes in them.

Headphones – Wear earbuds that are as small as possible. Don’t worry. Dr. Dre makes ear buds are fire and they work like a charm. Leave your Apple white cord headphones at home. They make running more difficult anyway.

That’s about it! If you can get past that, then you’ll have far more luck banging girls in the gym than most guys. Trust me and just take some action here for gosh sakes! Hit a yoga class while you’re at it too. I’m sure that’ll help up your chances as well.

Affair Dating Profile Tips For Those Looking To Meet & Cheat


I love meeting women in town, especially those who cheat on their husband or boyfriend. I accomplish that task pretty easily and I do so with a little help from my online dating profile. Online dating has become a preferred dating method for singles all over the world. Dating sites have become so popular that they have expanded to affair dating. Now, even a man who is married or in a committed relationship can proudly browse dating sites that specialize in finding affairs for married men.

The most important part of finding someone to have an affair with on an affair dating site is having a top notch profile. You need to put thought into your presentation and make yourself desirable to kinky women. No one is taking a chance on a tool that sounds like a loser on their profile. Your objective is to be attractive enough to find females who are looking to hook up with someone cheating on his wife. Oh, must I remind you that this is all about NSA too? Not sure what I’m referring to, then read this. These tips I’m about to share should help perfect your marital affair game on the Internet for sure, so long as you do things right!

Affair Dating Profile Advice

Affair Dating Profile Tips, Everything You Need To Know!

Here is how to fill out a proper dating profile for having an affair. The way I see it is you have two choices. You can try and figure things out on your own or you can take two minutes to read this, find out what I have to say and accelerate your success rate. The choice is completely up to you.

Posting the right picture is important and it’s also important that you research the site you use and the security protocol before you upload a photo. Be sure that your profile is secure and not available to the public. Men will often fill out a profile and browse the site for a while without a picture before adding one later. When you do post a photo; make it a photo with your head slightly to the side without being a profile picture. Also, don’t show any body parts. This is almost never attractive for a profile picture.

When filling out your basic profile information, you should first summarize who you are, what you’re all about, and why the thought of having an affair excites you. Use your wit and whatever writing skills you can muster to explain that you want a steamy affair with a naughty woman. Let them know that you want someone that can bring passion and adventure to your life. Trust me, they’re on a mission to do just the same.

The next step is describing what type of woman you are looking for and what you want out of an affair. You should describe both the characteristics of what a night of passion is for you and your idea of the ultimate mistress. You should keep it short and to the point, but be descriptive enough to get her excited to meet you. This is your chance to show what a good choice you would be to have an affair.

A good cheating site profile should show that you are an interesting person. It should also show that you have a sense of humor without being a clown. You should post pictures that show you are a desirable man without being too revealing. Mention what makes you exciting and a good prospect to have an affair with. It also doesn’t hurt to mention briefly why you are looking for sexual adventures outside of your marriage. It may feel weird to put this information out there, but many women will appreciate your honesty and will want to give you what your wife can’t.

Affair dating is a tough nut to crack. I want you to start by connecting with some women using a “bang app” and you’ll be ahead of the curve from the get go. Good luck and stay thirsty my horny cheating friend!

HookUp In Local Bars: Here Are Some Strategies


A lot of singles these days are prowling online dating sites rather than the traditional approach of going to a bar, but there are still plenty who would rather hook up face to face. There are tons of bars in every major city, and even small towns, where you can find girls who would rather hook up the old-fashioned way. If you’re going to hook up at a bar, you need the right strategy for success. Here are some valuable strategies that you can use to make your next trip to the bar an eventful and satisfying one.

Hookup In Bars

Tips For Better Hookup Success In Bars

I’m laying it all out here for you today. These tips should help increase your hookup success for sure over time if you hang out in local bars. That means more sex, more fun, and instant banging on the regular. Pay attention hot shot, you’ll want to understand all this for sure.

Use Fashion Sense (Or Get Some)

If you’re going to be among the most desirable men in the bar, you need to look the part. If you don’t have fashion sense, you need to either get some or seek the advice of someone who does. This doesn’t mean that you have to dress in a way that’s not you. Look into men’s fashion and find a style that suits you. Go to the bar looking your best.

Stand Out Among Other Guys

With both your look and your attitude; you need to stand out among all other guys at the bar. Keep your energy and confidence level up and give the ladies a reason to gravitate toward you. One thing that will help tremendously is learning to dance.

If you have some moves and comfortably move your body to the music, it will go a long way towards getting the attention of some of the hottest girls at the bar.

Eye Contact Is Important

Scan the room and be selective about who you make eye contact with. You don’t want to appear as if you are fixating on every girl in the bar until one looks back at you.

Look around and remain aloof until you spot a girl that commands your attention. Don’t look straight at her. Look past her and wait for her to look back at you. Once your eyes meet, wait for the smile. If you get the smile, move toward her.

Stand Up Straight; Be Confident

Don’t allow yourself to slouch or look lazy. Keep your shoulders up and chest out without looking like you’re strutting like a rooster. The key is to have an air of confidence and high energy. Your posture goes a long way toward helping you stand out and project the confidence needed to attract women.

Screw Pick-up Lines

No matter how many times you have read the best pick-up lines or how many friends have told you sure-fire lines that work; don’t approach girls at a bar with a rehearsed approach because it will almost never work.

Be yourself and respond to your current situation. Anything else will come off as cheesy and forced. Don’t try to impress her. Just talk to her, compliment her, and show her who you are.

These simple hookup tips will work for you, I promise. If you spend time in bars, and you do what I say, then you’ll get laid more. Use my favorite dating site, take my advice and you’ll be banging in no time.

Simple Signs She’s Just Not Into You At All


Sometimes people just don’t click. Other times, the chemistry is incredible. That said, some women will make it obvious if you are not their type, but others remain inconspicuous. These women either don’t want to be mean and outright reject you. Another reason they may not come clean with you is because they want to keep playing the game to get your attention without any intention of dating you.

Luckily, there are signs to look out for which say that she is not into you at all. If you spot any of these signs, it’s best to cut your losses, save your dignity, and move on. Here are the major signs that will let you know that a woman is not into you. Heck, you must remember that the basic objective is to bang a girl, not marry them. Don’t let your feelings get the best of you buddy.

She's Not Into You

Some Signs That She’s Not Into You At All

Here is exactly what you need to be on the lookout for if you want to She’s not into you if…

She thinks of reasons that she can’t see you – No matter what stage of a relationship you are in with a woman; it’s a bad sign if she starts thinking of reasons that she can’t see you. This usually means that she is not interested and she can’t bring herself to tell you straight. If she was into you, she would think of reasons to see you any chance she gets.

She’s too busy to talk to you – If you are calling or texting a woman and she is always too busy to deal with you, she would rather not be dealing with you at all. She might be legitimately busy at one time or another, but if she says it repeatedly, she is clearly trying to avoid you. If she was into you, she would make time to talk to you.

She talks about other guys – When you first meet a woman and she starts talking about her boyfriend, she is letting you know that she is taken. The same concept applies when you are dating or trying to hook up with a woman. If she’s not into you, she will talk about other guys to make you lose interest or get the hint. If she was into you, she would avoid talking about other guys and the only guy she would want to talk about would be you.

She’s active on an online dating site – If a woman that you met on an online dating site starts losing interest, you will probably notice that she is active on the site again. If she’s not into you, she will start looking into other prospects. If she was into you, she would never have any reason to visit the dating site. She would be happy hanging out with you.

She spends time with her ex – This would be the final nail in the coffin of any prospects you had of staying with this woman. This stage usually comes after she’s been talking about her ex and you ignored it. She gave you signs to let you know that she wasn’t into you, but you soldiered on, hoping for the best. If she’s talking to her ex, even if she insists that it’s innocent and she doesn’t have feelings for him, you might as well start looking elsewhere for a date.

The bottom line is this, if you’re dating a girl and she’s putting you through this crap, then get on a casual dating website and start searching for something else. All you need is an instant hookup to make things better. Who needs a damn girlfriend anyway these days!

Bro Code: Everything You Must Understand About It


Lots of guys have zero knowledge and a total lack of respect for bro code. They don’t even put forth the effort to learn any of it. That is a complete travesty if you ask me!

The Bro Code is a set of rules meant to be a guideline for men to follow in order to stay true to their fellow men. These rules are well understood by many men, but some need to be reminded. This is also a guide for the new generation. This set of rules will help them understand how to be a man without trampling on another’s manhood.

simple bro code you must know

Bro Code You Simply Can’t Ignore

I’m laying the law here on this fine day and share with you some staple bro code items you must understand! This should serve as the most important thing you read all day. That definitely holds true whether you’re using a “meet bang” style dating site or trying to hook up with a local girl from around the way. Don’t take this lightly, please!

Bros before hoes (of course). The is the first rule of bro code and the one that started it all. Never sacrifice your friendship for a woman. Bros always come first.

Don’t let him humiliate himself. If he is being mistreated by a woman and he doesn’t realize it, let him know. He may not like this level of honesty at first, but he should realize that you have his best interests at heart.

Give him support and never cock block. Always be available to be his wingman and he should do the same for you. Support him in his quest for booty and never be the one to cock block him.

Don’t flirt with his woman. You can be friendly and have fun with his woman, but you can never flirt with her and especially do not try to get with her. This is not putting bros before hoes.

Don’t date his ex (unless you ask him first). You should never try to flirt with or date his ex-girlfriend. If something happens and circumstances bring you together, you must ask him first before you attempt to date her.

Let him know if his woman is unfaithful. Now, of course, this doesn’t necessarily apply if you’re having an NSA relationship with a woman However, in other situations, if you see or hear that his woman is cheating on him, you must let him know. He needs to know and he will feel betrayed if he finds out that you knew and didn’t tell him.

Don’t laugh at him for being with an ugly girl. Maybe he hooked up with an unattractive woman because he has hit a dry spell. Maybe he just sees something in her. Either way, it’s against the Bro Code to make fun of him for it.

Don’t laugh at him for being shot down. We have all been shot down at one time or another and we know how it feels. Remember that and have some compassion when your bro is rejected and encourage him instead of mocking him.

Help improve his game. If you see some flaws in his game, help him out. He might resist at first but you need to be honest with him if you see that there are things he can improve to increase his chances of hooking up with girls.

Never drink the last beer. This one may seem trivial, but it’s important to bros. Never drink the last beer without saying something. If they say to take it, offer to share it with your fellow bros.

That’s what I believe to be the best list of staple bro code. If you’re not practicing what I’m preaching, then you’re no friend of mine!