Tips To Help You Kiss A Girl For The First Time Successfully


The title of this post may sound corny but don’t discount it. When you kiss a girl for the first time, it matters. You need to be successful too if you want to fuck her. Let me paint a picture for you…You meet a girl that you like, you turn on the charm and ask her out. You’re having a nice time and she is responding to your flirting. It feels like the time is right for that first kiss. This can be tricky sometimes. Neither person is familiar with how the other one kisses. You are both wondering if sparks are going to fly or just a lot of saliva. This is a crucial moment and many guys tend to mess up on the first time. This can really set you back and possibly ruin any chances of a second date. That’s a lot of pressure. That’s why I put together some tips on how to make that first kiss count every time.

How To Kiss A Girl

Successfully Kiss A Girl For The First Time

As previously stated, these tips are to help you kiss a girl for the first time in hopes of it leading to sex (eventually). There are plenty of first kisses that you’re going to get with girls. Especially if you are using a casual dating service such as Instabang. These tips should help you out on each and every occasion.

Make sure there are no distractions: For that moment of the first kiss, it should be just you and her with no distractions. You need that first few seconds to feel each other out and other people being around could complicate things. If you’ve been drinking at the local bar and you’re both liquored up, then perfect! If there are any distractions, they are likely to not be your fault.

Don’t ruin the moment by talking about it: The last thing you want to do is ask if you can kiss her or talk about it before you do it. It is okay to bring it up beforehand when you are flirting, but talking about it in the moment could kill the mood and make things awkward.

Don’t rush into it: There is nothing wrong with waiting for your moment. If you are having a good date, the time will come. Just let it happen naturally and pay attention to when the moment is right.

It doesn’t hurt to test the waters: Be sure not to wait too long and miss your moment. This could make you feel more anxiety about doing it. If you’re not sure, just lean in for a small kiss on the lips then pull back and look at her. The look in her eyes will tell you whether to go back in for the full kiss.

Move in closer to her before you kiss: By simply sitting closer to her, you can gauge her reaction and amp up the sexual tension at the same time. Maybe even flirt with her and look her in the eye before moving in. Simple but it works.

Touch her: By touch her I don’t mean grope her. Make the touches subtle and flirty to turn up the heat. Touch her arm or better yet, caress her hand or put your hand on her leg. If she responds well to your touches, it is usually safe to make your move.

Moisten your lips: The does not mean to stick your tongue out and wet your whole mouth. A subtle moistening will send a signal to her to get ready for a kiss. If you have dry chapped lips then spend a couple bucks to invest in some chapstick.

Stay calm during the kiss: The last thing you want to do is get carried away. Don’t get too intense or use your tongue right away. Take it slow and sensual and don’t make it overly long. Unless, of course, you got a live one and she really goes after you. These are rare occurrences so just go with the flow.

Watch your hand movement: You don’t want this first kiss to be overly sexual so avoid touching her in a sexual way. Gently touching her face, the side of her head, her shoulder or her waist is fine. Just keep it subtle.

Well, those are my tips on how to kiss a girl for the first time. Whether you’re one of these people that prefer to use a shitty eHarmony site looking for love, or you prefer casual fucking the same rules apply. I have been on many first dates where I didn’t think I would get lucky but the kiss changed everything. It really does make a difference in dating, period. Heck, I shit you not when I say that a good first kiss can even lead to having more than just steady casual sex. I’ve had it lead to having a threesome even!

Barhopping And Making Out With Girls


There is a time right after college when the world is at your feet. Most likely you want to spend that time barhopping and making out with a bunch of girls. Trust me, I totally get it!

You just finished up your education that prepared you for the fun road ahead and you just want to have a little fun before you set forth on the journey through adult life. A big part of after college fun is barhopping and a big part of barhopping is making out with multiple girls. I’m not talking hooking up, just making out and having some fun before hooking up. Think of it as testing the waters before finding the one you want to take home.

barhopping and making out

Barhopping 101: Tips For Making Out With Girls You Meet

Here are a few tips on how to make out with multiple girls while barhopping…

Learn How To Dance – One thing that is going to get you noticed by multiple girls and give you a big advantage over other guys is dancing. The better you dance, the more high caliber girls you will make out with, it’s that simple. If you don’t dance, you better be prince charming and look like Brad Pitt.

Eyes Find Eyes – If you are interested in a girl at a bar, start making eye contact. Don’t stare. Just let your eyes find each other. If she fixates on you, then you can stare. Once you make solid eye contact, start moving toward her. Make it look like you are just strolling through the bar at first then head in her direction and make your move.

If She Wants To Talk, Then Talk – Sometimes you can start dancing next to a girl on the dance floor once you’ve made eye contact and that’s enough to start the process that leads to making out. There has to be instant heat for this to happen. Otherwise, talk to her and turn on the charm.

Don’t Get Carried Away – This goes for both your advances and your alcohol intake. Don’t come on too strong or you’ll cause her to lose interest. If you get a little carried away drinking and turn into a belligerent drunk, every girl in the bar will lose interest.

Don’t Burn Your Spot, Keep Moving – It is possible to achieve making out with multiple girls in one bar or club if it’s big enough and packed with enough people (I have). Otherwise you should move on to the next bar after each make out session. If you are spotted moving from girl to girl, it could get people talking and complicate your mission, i.e. burn your spot.

These barhopping tips are important and if you play your cards right, you could find yourself instant messaging girls you’ve made out with at the bar asking them to come over to fuck. It’s very common that making out leads to banging because it’s just the nature of it all.